Rockwell Jaw Stand Review


How many times have your friends ask to borrow your pick up truck to move something or worse yet, asked to use your help and your truck?  Probably a lot.  But where are they when you need a hand, let me guess, they are busy doing something else.  Well the Jaw Stand doesn’t stop your friends from borrowing you or your truck, but it does solve the issue of working by yourself.

Power Tool Review – Rockwell Jaw Stand

Power Tool Model – RK9033



Pros: Sturdy, versatile, easy to operate

Cons: Small clamping size

Specifications of the Dewalt

  • Maximum Clamp Width – 1 3/4″
  • Max Load – 220Lbs.
  • Height Range – 29″ to 41″
  • Bevel Range – 90°
  • Weight – 13. lbs.
  • No Marring clamp heads and feet





Nuts & Bolts of the Jaw Stand

You may remember our review of the Jawhorse, which we gave a very high rating to.  Well now Rockwell released a new helper tool called the Jawstand.  This bad boy is very easy to operate and very durable.


The ratio of this stand is incredible as it only weights 13.2 lbs, but can hold 220 lbs.  This is perfect for carrying around to use on big projects.  The height of the stand allows the user to adjust to any project and with a little imagination and creativity, a user can expand this range to fit any project needs.  The adjustable 90 degree bevel head has a nice large easy to read markings, so the user can easily adjust to the correct angle.  Even the height adjustment has a large easy to read height measurements.  We like how Rockwell integrated a no marring on the heads and feet to prevent any damage to various projects.  There is also a level in the head, so a user can make sure their projects are exactly the way they should be, even on an uneven surface.

Now PPTG and some other reviews have knocked the clamping size, but in reality, we see why the clamping size is not much bigger.  The clamping size is more than sufficient to work with most projects.  We feel if Rockwell went with a bigger clamp size, they would have to increase the stand dimensions, which would increase the weight.  Also the stand legs would have to increase, which means a user might not be able to get into certain spots to work as the longer legs would prevent this.


With these types of tools, we always look at portability, how easy is it to take from one place to another and set up.  The Jaw Stand is very light and very easy to fold up and take from project to project.  Set up and tear down only take about a minute.

There are over a hundred different applications you could use the Jawstand for and we didn’t want to bore you with naming them all or even showing you them all.  What we did want to do was show you how easy it was to set up, tear down and use.  So in the video we just took a couple minutes to show you.


If you are looking for another set of hands to help with your project, take a look at the Jaw Stand as this is a great asset to have around.  Now it won’t help you drill screws or break concrete, but it will make your life a lot easier.  There are so many different applications you can use this for.  It really helps the user stop struggling with larger size projects and acts like another set of hands to have around.  Overall this is a great quality tool, Rockwell didn’t cut any corners with this invention.  Whats nice, is the weight, so it is easy to carry around and very easy to set up.  It has the strength to keep up with the user and we can’t wait for our next project to use this on.


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