Dewalt 12V MAX LED Worklight Review – DCL510


We review the Dewalt 12V Max LED work light model number DCL510.  With the combination of Dewalts new lithium 12V Max technology and a bright 130 lumen LED could this be the ultimate work light?

Power Tool Review– Dewalt 12V Max LED work light

Power Tool Model – DCL510


Pros: Long battery life, Stays cool, High power LED

Cons: none

Specifications of the Dewalt

  • Bright LED output – 130 Lumens
  • Powerful magnet – hands free use in multiple placements
  • Kick stand – hands free use in multiple placements
  • Head rotates 360° and pivots



Nuts & Bolts of the Dewalt


Voltage 12V MAX*
Bulb LED
Run-Time 4hrs
Tool Weight 0.5lbs
Shipping Weight 0.5lbs

Warranty Information

This DEWALT® High Performance Industrial Tool comes with a warranty package that includes:

  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • 1 Year Free Service Contract
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee



This has been a great year for tool innovation, tools are getting lighter and more powerful. One of the most important things you need on a project is lighting and until now the there has not been too many advances in portable work lighting. Enter the Dewalt DCL510 with its powerful 12v max battery, 130 lumen LED and ingenious design it is destined to take the tool world by storm.

When we first opened the box we were thrown off by its “out of the norm” design, we quickly realized that this design has function. The DCL510 is made from the same strong Xenoy resin plastic that the drills are made from which make it very durable. The head of the tool rotates 180 degrees and also pivots 180 degrees giving it 360 degrees of total movement. It also includes a kickstand which can be used to position the light by standing upright or hanging. On the back of the tool is a belt clip and a very powerful magnet. The key to a good work light other than to illuminate is to be able to operate hands free the DCL510 does a great job of doing that with its almost endless configuration. The on/off switch has a rubber cover to protect it from dust and feels sturdy.

At the business end of the light we have a extremely bright high power LED that rivals most high end tactical flashlights. We were amazed at how bright the LED was. The beam was focused and tight clearly illuminating any work area. So we have this super bright LED what about battery life? We got an impressive 4.5 hours of battery life from the 12V max lithium ion battery, compare that to about 1 hour with Milwaukee’s 12v incandescent work light. It also ran about 100 degrees cooler than the Milwaukee and threw off more light as you can see from the pictures. Unlike incandescent lights which fade as the power drains the DCL510 had a constant steady beam of light. When the battery is depleted the LED flashes twice every thirty seconds or so to let the user know the battery has been depleted we really like this feature as it protects your batteries.










The top light is the Dewalt and the bottom is the Milwaukee 12V


The Dewalt 12V Max line of products continues to amaze us with its innovation and power. We like everything about the DCL510 and consider it to be the front runner in the portable work light market. From its rugged durability, high power LED, endless mounting configurations and long run times Dewalt has set the bar in which all overs will need to follow. So if your a professional or home owner that needs a quality powerful work light the DCL510 is a great choice.


  1. I agree that the DCL510 is a great little light, but is it disposable? I don’t see how to get the head apart to change the bulb, and I don’t see a listing on the internet for a replacement bulb. I don’t want to be without one, so what do I do? Buy a spare in case something goes wrong?

  2. The only tow drawback are that we cant replace the light bulb and that if and i say if dewalt comes out with 3.0 or 4.0ah batts for the 12v line the belt clip is going to be in the way other then that it is awsome !!!! 🙂 And steal waiting for a review of the 12v max wall scanner ! Tia for president !!!!


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