Rockwell BenchJaw RK9006- Review


The Rockwell JawHorse is one of my most used tools.  I use it for everything, as a table, as a clamp, to hold pipe, the list goes on.  Pretty much any clamping task you need, it can handle.  Using your feet to apply clamp down pressure does two things, it allows you to apply a lot more pressure than if you used your hands and it keeps your arms free to steady your work as you clamp it.  For those of you that want a more permanent option or a more space saving option, Rockwell has come out with the BenchJaw.  It is basically a smaller JawHorse that attaches to the corner of a work bench in 2 positions.

Although smaller than the JawHorse, the BenchJaw has the same one ton clamping force as its big sibling.  It can support 220 lbs. of weight and has a 16″ clamping range that can be expanded to 24″ with the optional RW9207 extended jaw.  They also offer the RW9208 aligning jaw which allows the vice to accommodate offset, rounded and tapered objects.  It comes almost fully assembled, you just need to mount the bracket and put the pedal on. You can only use the BenchJaw on a corner of a bench which limits where you can mount it.  Once you have the mounting bracket on your bench you can easily attach the jaw by sliding it on and tightening down on the yellow lock knob.

The BenchJaw is a remarkable vise clamping system, for the shop it is awesome.  It will make a great gift for dad.  The BenchJaw does a good job of keeping your work locked into place with minimal slippage.  For woodworking it could replace a traditional vice and can hold bigger items such as cabinets and doors.  Check out Rockwell





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