Festool SysLite KAL 100 Work Lamp 498568 – Review


Ask any fine wood worker what their favorite power tool is and chances are they will say some sort of Festool.  You wont find Festool at any big box store, they are as the elite as it comes.  The Rolls Royce of wood working power tools, designed for precision and durability.  The KAL 100 is a $175 LED light and at that price point might scare some people away.  But let me assure you for the Pro, this light is well worth it.  It emits a a nice shadow free bright white light.  I am really amazed at the details that pop out when using this light.  6 bright white LED bulbs illuminate at a color temperature of 4500K, basically is instant daylight wherever you point it.

The light has an internal battery that takes 120 minutes to charge.  Once charged you get 90 minutes on high and 240 minutes on low which was in line with our test numbers.  You can plug the light in and get infinite run-time or even put another Festool battery on the unit to extend run-time. It comes with both an AC and a DC charger for your car.  The AC cable is 10’long making it very versatile and a good replacement for your hot halogen lights.  Adjusting the intensity is done via a big rubber switch on the top, it is easy to operate even with gloves on.  The overall build quality of this tool is great.  It is rugged and shock absorbent.  On the bottom of the light is a standard photo tripod mount and a hook on the top allows you to hang it on almost anything.  The hook works out great and has an indent that allows you to keep it it at an angle so you can hang it high and aim it down.

The SysLite is designed to throw off a higher or lower angle depending on what side you lay it on.  One side has a slight angle and the other has more of a 45 degree angle.  This light throws off such a nice wide beam, it can light up an entire room.  The back grip makes it easy to hold with one hand for inspecting things.  Anywhere you need light the KAL 100 has your covered.  This light is great for all sorts of tasks like looking for drywall imperfections, car paint jobs, furniture finishing and the list goes on.  It is covered by a 3 year warranty and comes in a nice protective bag that holds the light and the chargers.  So what do you get with a $175 work light?  Perfection, the light gives off an amazing 170 degree wide swath of bright white light suitable for any task at hand. Check out Festool.




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