Ridgid Sawhorse Review

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

There is a lot of equipment that is overlooked on a job site.  We tend to really only worry about our power tools, batteries, and the tools that get the job done.  However, there are a lot of times we overlook the tools that assist us with getting a job done such as a sawhorse, drill bits, and other power tool accessories.  Which brings me to today’s article, the Ridgid Sawhorse Review.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review Overview

If you shop around, you can find a wide variety of sawhorses available on the market.  Heck, you can even find plans to build your own.  The one thing I have learned over the years is that while there are a lot of products to choose from, there are very few worth the consideration, such as sawhorses.

For me, I have always loved the Dewalt sawhorses primarily because they are lightweight, you can place a 2×4 on them and they have a leg that extends for uneven surfaces.  Recently I was introduced to the Ridgid sawhorses and now I have found my new favorite sawhorse, so let me tell you what I like about these tools that assist us in our jobs.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review Features

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

The Ridgid sawhorse is designed from three materials.  Plastic, metal, and wood.  This is one feature I love about this sawhorse.  The plastic means it’s durable and lightweight, the metal adds stability and durability in key spots.  The wood allows you to make cuts and never have to worry about ruining your sawhorse.

Get this, if you use two of them together you can support up to 1.5 tons, yes this has a 3,000 lb. capacity which is amazing.

One very cool feature of this sawhorse is the wood top bar.  How many times have you had to make awkward cuts so you don’t cut through your sawhorse?  How many times have you cut through your sawhorse?  As you know once you cut through your sawhorse too many times, it’s pretty much useless after a certain point.

With the Ridgid, you can now replace the bar since it’s a wood 2×4.  While I wish you could replace the 2×4 without using any tools, I am happy you can replace it.  Now I never have to worry about my cuts and ruining either my horse or saw blade.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

Like most sawhorses, the Ridgid has a bottom shelf.  The bottom shelf will support up to 50 lbs.

Not only does the shelf act as a shelf, but it also stabilizes the horses from rocking back and forth.

Another cool feature of this horse is the ability to raise the height or level it out on uneven grounds.  Now I know this isn’t unique to Ridgid, but I love how easy it is to adjust and I love how you can adjust each leg.  The best part of it all is the nice big numbers so you can match each leg.  No more guessing on the length.

The sawhorse has a height of 31″ to 39″ which means you can create your own workspace for cutting applications or as a workbench.

On the bottom of each leg, there is a little stub that sticks out and allows the user to use his foot to push the leg down.  This means no more bending over trying to adjust a leg.  The legs ratchet down so it’s easy to find and set up to your desired height.  Even the bottom of the feet has a no-skid foot to help keep it in place and not move around when using them.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

To move the leg back up into the sawhorse, you press in on the orange lever and the legs will move back into the horse.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

Two features of the legs that stand out to me are first they are made of metal which means they are durable and will hold up.  The second feature I love is how the leg slides into the other leg, which means it is protecting it and making it easier to slide up and down.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review

When you are done for the day, the horses fold up to a nice thin profile.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review Performance

In regards to the performance of the Ridgid sawhorses, these are extremely easy to use.  Setting them up is like most other sawhorses.  Just fold out and you’re set to go.  Adjusting the leg length is extremely easy.  My driveway has a slight pitch to it and I always had to set up horses in a certain direction.  With an easy to extend leg, I can now set it up where it’s convenient for me.

While I really wish changing the 2×4 didn’t require a tool, I love the fact that I never have to worry about cutting into my horse and ruining it.  I can now just change the wood and I am right back to work.

Closing the horses up and putting the legs back is also easy.  I know they are just sawhorses, but over time I have tried a ton and very few are as easy as the Ridgid.  I always feel like I am fighting with some, but not with the Ridgid.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review Value

The horse runs for about $50 and that is for a single horse at The Home Depot.  The price is more than some of the other horses on the market, but I think it’s a good value.  Sure you have to spend a $100 to get both, but the quality, ease of use, features and the load capacity justifies the price.

Ridgid Sawhorse Review Final Thoughts

Overall I love this sawhorse.  While the sawhorse is plastic, it has a quality aspect to it and is backed up in critical areas with metal for added support.  I love having a replaceable 2×4 so I never have to worry about my cuts or ruining the sawhorse.  Sure, there are other sawhorses on the market that you can use wood tops, but this is attached to the horse which means I never have to worry about bringing them with, falling out or misplacing them.  As of today, these are the best horses we have reviewed and worth the cost.

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  1. Hi, cool article. Explained in detail, nothing superfluous. I want to add another good device – the WORX Pegasus Multi-Functional Work Table and the Pegs – WX051. Convenient, compact, lightweight – what more do you need? Maybe this product is even better than what was considered in the article, do you agree?

  2. Another advantage of that wood top is you can replace it with longer boards to better support 4×8 sheets of plywood. I’d have liked to have seen the top supports made of metal, though. So many of these plastic sawhorses break when you try to slide stuff across the top to reposition it. But overall, a thoughtful design.

  3. The collapsable plastic pivots, I think, might be the weak link, especially at the connection points. I had one pop out but was able to reinstall it. I may have to support it better.

  4. The bummer for me is the lack of 2×4 slots to create a table across two sawhorses. I did find 2.5″ high door barricade slot brackets that I think could be screwed into the ends of the top rail to serve that purpose. That is the beauty of the replaceable top rail; you can modify it to meet your needs – notches for pipes, glides for outfeed support, the sky’s the limit. You could have several jigs and swap it out as needed.


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