Ridgid RT 9X Review

Ridgid RT 9X Review

When it comes to thermal imaging cameras you are probably familiar with companies like Flir. But did you know that Ridgid makes one of the top-rated cameras on the market? I didn’t until we had the chance to take a look at it and give it a test drive. While the camera is expensive, this is one of the best thermals we have tested over the years. So let’s take a look at the Ridgid RT 9X Review.

Ridgid RT 9X Review Overview

Being able to see the world in different colors or no colors can give you more information about your surroundings than ever thought before. With a thermal camera, you can see things you can’t detect with your naked eyes such as heat buildups, places of temperature variation that you don’t want such as around doors and much more.

Ridgid RT 9X Review Features

Ridgid RT 9X Review

The Ridgid RT-9 has a wide range of specifications. Instead of laying them all out, you might be better suited by visiting the Ridgid website.

A couple notable features are the camera is powered by a rechargeable 3.7V battery. One cool feature is the app and the WiFi features making this a more capable camera than other cameras in its price range.

One important feature to cover is the range. This thermal camera can measure temperatures from -30° to +650° C.

Ridgid RT 9X Review

As you would expect from a tool that is around $3,000, the camera is protected with the included hard plastic case.

Ridgid RT 9X Review

Here is one of the best features of this camera, the simplicity. This is one of the easiest cameras we have used and it shows by only having three buttons. If you are working with the camera, you can easily adjust the colors with a single push up or down of the middle button.

Ridgid RT 9X Review

When not in use, there is a cover to protect the lens.

Ridgid RT 9X Review Performance

When you get a camera like this, you can really see the difference between a $300 camera and this camera. The camera doesn’t slow down every 5 seconds for calibration. The unit is fast and very easy to navigate. I like how sensitive the unit is and how it can pick up changes in such a small space.

Ridgid RT 9X Review Value

The Ridgid RT-9 will run you about $3,050 on Amazon. For most, this is way more than what we need or want to spend. However, for those who rely on real readings, reliability, and ease of use, this camera provides it all. The temp range is huge and the navigation is easy. So for those professionals looking for one of the best thermals on the market, this offers a ton more than some of the more expensive thermals in the marketplace.

Ridgid RT 9X Review Final Thoughts

The Ridgid RT-9 is super fast and stop very few times for calibration. The camera is very sensitive, reliable and easy to use. If you are in the field where small temperature changes can mean the difference between breaking a 100K machine and not, this is well worth the investment.


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