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RIDGID Multiple Chargers

Ridgid Multiport Charger

In the power tool world, cordless is becoming the norm instead of the exception. And in that world, I have always liked RIDGID. I think their products are usually a good value. Sometimes they rank with or even surpass folks like Milwaukee in performance. Yet they are often priced closer to consumer brands like RYOBI. So, anything new as far as batteries and chargers from RIDGID is news worth sharing, and RIDGID has just introduced two new battery chargers. A dual port, SIMULTANEOUS battery RIDGID charger (you read that right, SIMULTANEOUS!), and a 6-port sequential RIDGID charger.

RIDGID Charger: 18V Dual Port Rapid Charger


Name – RIDGID Charger 18V 6-Port Sequential



RIDGID has, or had, three levels of 18V Lithium-Ion batteries: Their base/standard 18V line, OCTANE, and now their MAX Output. OCTANE often outperformed MAX Output, so it is a shame that they discontinued the OCTANE batteries around the end of 2020. Was it due to the chip shortages, or was it that the OCTANE batteries were giving their sister brand Milwaukee a run for their money? We’ll probably never know. Currently, as of this writing, RIGID only offers their base Li-Ion batteries and MAX Output batteries.

There is not much to not like about the dual port charger. It has a compact footprint (10.35″L x 7.75″W x 2.8″H), can be hung on the wall for even more space savings, and the LED indicators are pretty easy to figure out. And you can’t help but love that it can rapid charge two batteries at once. *We simultaneously charged two RIDGID batteries we had on hand; a base model 18V 1.5Ah and an 18V MAX Output 6Ah. Both showed one bar on their battery gauges. It took the 1.5Ah just under 30 minutes to fully charge. The 6Ah MAX Output took just under an hour to reach full charge.

The 6-Port Charger is also a great addition. The size, weight, and top handle make it easy to carry (10.3″L x 7.4″W x 7.88″H and under 4 lbs). Even though it is a first-come-first-served, sequential battery charger; 6-ports can provide you with a lot of charging. And RIDGID claims a 30-minute charge per port for a 2Ah battery. This charger should keep you and a bunch of your tools up and running all day. And it is priced within ten dollars of comparable chargers from Milwaukee and RYOBI.

Oddly, RIDGID does not list any of their chargers on their website. You’ll need to go to The Home Depot’s website or one of the other retailers to get information and/or to purchase either of these RIDGID chargers. (At the time of this writing the 6-Port, Model AC86096, is not available for purchase.)

Wrap Up

 As I said in the beginning, I’ve always liked the RIDGID brand. These RIDGID chargers are both welcome additions to their 18V charger options and deserve consideration for a space on your workbench or jobsite. The features are well designed like their integrated pass-through plugs so there is still room for you to charge your phone or other devices while the chargers are taking up an outlet space. And both can be covered under RIDGID’s Lifetime Service Agreement**, which is hard to beat.  However, the difficulty in finding information and where to purchase these two new RIDGID chargers (especially the 6-Port) needs to be improved.

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