Ridgid Dual Battery Charger – AC840094

ridgid charger

Well, it’s finally here, the Ridgid dual port charger.  OK, I should say the sequential dual port charger.  For those who are wondering, sequential means the charge will charge one battery at a time.  I know some people will be disappointed by this, but most chargers are set up this way for a couple of reasons.  It gets tricky when you try to charge more than one battery at a time.  You will either slow down you charging time or have to have a much bigger charger.  With this charger, it’s first come, first serve.  So which ever battery you put down first, will start charging first.

ridgid chargerThe charge time per battery is around an hour, but it depends upon the battery amp.  Ridgid didn’t stop there.  They designed this with 2-2.1 amp USB chargers which I think is huge.  I can’t tell you how many times I need to charge my old cell phone.  It’s nice just being able to plug my phone into this charger and not having to take up an outlet spot.  Speaking of an outlet, as you can see, this has two outlets on the front of the unit.  Now they are double prong, so it doesn’t have a ground.  Again I know some people might be disappointed with this, but again, when it comes to electricity, it’s a little tricky when you trying to draw a ton of power.  Either way, I think it’s cool that you can still plug smaller items into this charger and not lose an outlet.

I am happy to see Ridgid is making some strides with this new charger.  While I think some people might not like the fact it doesn’t charge two batteries at once, I am fine with that as that is pretty much standard for today.  I like how you can hang this on a wall and not loose valuable shelf space.


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