Bosch Bulldog XtremeMax GBH2-28L

Bosch Bulldog

The Bosch Bulldog Xtreme Max.  If you are familiar with the Bosch bulldog, you probably don’t need an introduction, this is just something you want to own.  If you aren’t familiar with it, you have probably seen a lot of other companies try to copy it, but haven’t had the success Bosch has had.  If you are looking for one tough rotary hammer, this is it.

Bosch designed this with an 8.5 amp motor which means concrete or masonry doesn’t have a chance.  The motor delivers a no-load 0-5,100 bpm with a 0-1,300 spm.  As with the other Bosch Bulldogs you have seen, this has a keyless chuck design and accepts SDS Plus Bits.  The capacity is 1-1/8″.  In regards to power, there is plenty to go around.  The tool delivers 2.4 ft./lbs of impact energy.  You can use this tool in any of the 3 settings: drilling only, hammer drilling and chiseling

All this is impressive, but if the tool kicks your butt, what’s the point.  Well, the tool won’t kick your butt.  The tool only weighs 6.9 lbs with an overall length of 17.4″ and a width of 3.5″.

Bosch Bulldog

So considering all the power with a perfect size tool, what else could you ask for?  OK, how about protection?

Good thing Bosch though about protecting the user with the built-in kickback control.  Everyone who has been working has experienced a powerful tool bind up on them.  Besides swearing, what is the first thing you do?  You check your wrist and arm and make sure nothing is broken.  Well with the Bosch GBH2-28L, no worries as this tool will prevent you from this torture.  While you still may swear, it will be out the joy of being king in the concrete world and not in pain.

Bosch BulldogBut is that all?  No, it not.  The tool also features a counterbalance vibration control which means less feedback on your hands and arms when chiseling or drilling.  If that’s still not enough for you how about a hammerhook that allows you to easily hang this tool so your not bending over to pick it up all the time.

The trigger is variable speed, which you probably already knew, but worth another mention.  The variable speed trigger is precise and easy.  As with the other Bulldogs, this features a Vario-Lock which allows the user to rotate the chisel in any direction they want.

Bosch is one of the leaders in the concrete world.  This Bulldog is just another tool in their arsenal that will make any contractor excited about their work again.  The tool offers protection and power right in your hands.  What else would you want?


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  1. I recently purchased this drill after researching quite a bit, but I found a discrepancy with the advertised stats (1300 rpm/5100bpm) and the stats on the box (900rpm/4000bpm). I’ve gone to several stores and all the units list 900rpm/4000bpm. Has anyone purchased this tool and seen the 1300rpm/5100bmp listed on the box? I’m confused and don’t know if this is simply a mistake/typo on Bosch’s page or if there are 2 versions of the same drill (GBH2-28L) with the same exact product code. I just want to make sure I purchased the tool that has been getting great reviews.


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