RAVPower Xtreme Capacity Compact External Battery Charger


Portable power is becoming a lot more prevalent in today’s technology world.  We have cell phones, tablets and computers and all those items take power in order to work.  One thing we know is that sometimes there are certain tasks you do on these devices that just eat away your battery power.  That’s why it’s nice to have a portable power source.  Well let me introduce you to the RAVPower Xtreme Capacity Compact External Battery Charger.

The Ravpower Xtreme is a power bank that has 18,200Ah of energy.  Which means you can charge your cell phone or tablet multiple times before you have to even charge your RAVPower supply.  The device has 1.0A, 1.5A and 2.4A outputs.  Two of the ports are Smart charging ports which means it detects the device and applies the proper charge to the unit.  Which means certain devices it can charge faster than other power ports.   One cool feature on this device is the LCD display which shows what is charging, how much power is being used and how much power is left.  The one downside to this is the weight. If you are just going to be charging a cell phone, this tends to be over kill as it’s a little bulky and kind of heavy.  If you’re the guy who needs to have a lot of power, then this device is for you.  You can charge three things at once with plenty of power to charge them again.

buyamazon1RAVPower Xtreme Capacity 18200mAh 3-Port 4.9A Compact External Battery Charger with iSmart Technology Flashlight for iPhone, iPad, Samsung and More (Black)



  1. Nice write up Eric! This would be great for traveling and being out all day and not have to worry about UR phone or tablet running out. T.I.A!!

  2. These types of devices are great. I have a few that solar powered. Great investment & you have power all day when you need it. Laters TIA


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