5 Tools Any Dad Should Own


Now keep in mind when I made this list, you have to understand I am a dad with two boys who are 6 and 4 years old.  If you have daughters or older or younger children, your list might be different, but I have no way of telling.  If you do have a different list, leave a comment below and let us know.  The other day I was cleaning up some cereal and I was thinking about the most used tools I use because of my kids and decided to make this list. Now you can use any brand of tool, but these are just the brands that I have and get the most use out of.

Ryobi 18V Inflator

Ryobi Inflator

If you have boys who are into sports, then this is a no brainier.  My kids probably have over 40 balls that I am always blowing up.  Yes, I am a sucker when we go to the store.  They both want to get a new ball because it has a different design or something on it.  I am cheap, so I buy the cheap balls and they are always loosing air.  I can’t tell you how much time and energy this has saved me over the years.


Milwaukee M18 Vacuum

M18 VacuumAgain another no brainier.  This is useful for anyone who has kids.  Let’s face it, kids make messes.  In fact, I think that is part of their DNA or at least their job description.  Between me and my wife, we are using this thing at least 2 hours a days following around the kids.  My wife would disagree, she would say she is following them around more and yes, even cleaning up after me.


CRKT Knife

KnifeYes a knife.  I can’t tell you how many times I have needed a knife to open up packaging for the kids or something else. This is something I like to carry around because I probably grab for this a couple times a day.  My kids always have strings hanging from their clothes or something else I need to cut for them.



Screwdriver Set

Screw DriversOne thing you can’t have enough of is screwdrivers.  I am either fixing one of their toys, tightening a screw for them or opening up their toys to replace batteries.  Speaking of batteries, I have a tip for new parents.  If you are about to have your first child, make sure you buy stock in a battery company because you will spend about 100K on batteries for the kids.  I can’t believe how fast batteries die in toys and that is if they decide to turn them off.


Dorcey Flashlight

LightThis might be your most handy tool, well beside the vacuum.  Kids are always dropping their toys or little trinkets into dark spots like under the couch, or under a dresser.  If there is a small dark place, a kid will find a way to get something stuck there.




  1. Great list! The number 1 on my list is my leatherman. If I am awake I have it on my hip. I am constantly fixing toys, or building new ones. As far as the batteries go, invest in rechargeable batteries and a charger. My Dad bought me one when we had our son. I thought of it as kind of a weird gift but he knew what he was doing. It has saved me hundreds if not thousands on batteries!

  2. Good list, though with my five year old boy, I, for whatever reason, don’t really need an inflator, and would replace the knife with a Leatherman (Supertool 300 in my case).

  3. Ratcheting screwdriver, small precision screwdriver, nitrile / rubber gloves because some the stuff little boys play with is vile – worms or occasional dead bird from neighbors cat

  4. Nice list. I also keep a small pair of diagonal cutters to cut those wires on toy packaging makes it a lot faster than trying to untwist then all.TIA

    • They should not get sharp knives, make sure its kinda doll.
      You americans have way to much weapons around. But i kinda understand that since ur country is buildt up on screwing eachother over.

      Here in norway, a lawyer is kinda rare and not mch used.

      Vikings don’t use lawyers ;P

  5. Funny thing – my kids are now 21 and 23, and these same items still apply for my kids and wife! I use my Milwaukee M18 blower with it’s attachment to inflate low pressure items (air mattresses, rafts, etc) but do keep wishing they would put out an inflator/mini compressor like that Ryobi.

  6. Another useful item is a pair of Engineer PH-55 (or equivalent) shop scissors. They are great for cutting through the hard vacuum-formed plastic packaging that so many items come in these days. You’ll dull a pair of regular scissors doing this, but the Engineer shears are designed to cut through this stuff like a hot knife through butter.

  7. I have to agree with a few of the sentiments here. Replace the knife with a multitool (Leatherman Surge with replaceable cutters, hell yeah) & maybe the inflator with a blower to clean out the garage, no garage the inflator is fine. Laters TIA

  8. If you are looking for amazing batteries at a very affordable price, look into the Duracell Procell line. Another plus is they don’t come in annoying, hard to open blister packages. They are the cheapest at officesupply.com

  9. That’s one thing I can’t believe is that no other brand offers a tire inflator like Ryobi Between the inflator and Ryobi wet dry canister vac they are pretty much the only Ryobi tools I use anymore!!!


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