Railroad Thermite Welding – How they do it



rail welding

Railroad Thermite Welding – These guys make it look easy, but this is how you weld 2 pieces of steel track together.



  1. Interesting BUT I could tell they are not USA workers. They are not wearing enough
    safety gear and the biggest giveaway is there are not 10 guys with hard hats standing around supervising.

  2. Those are concrete ties. They’re common out west and certain locations in the US and abroad. The last a long time and they make for a smooth ride, but if you derail on them the just bust and become useless. They’re expensive too. Back in the old days, and even today in a pinch, they would soak a big rope in diesel fuel, lay it along the break, and set it on fire. The heat would draw the rail together and they’d bolt a joint bar on it. The old timers could retrack derailed cars with wooden shims. They don’t teach stuff like that anymore.

  3. Did anyone else wince when he was smacking the hot slag off without wearing any eye protection? You only get two chances!


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