Pramac S7200 Generator Review


Generators are one of those expenses that put a huge dent in your wallet.  Of course you can go cheap, but we all know how that ends up.  One of our top pick generators is Pramac.  One reason is they just work, they are tough and reliable.  In fact, they are so reliable, other manufacturers want them so they can put their name on it and sell it as one of their own.  Pramac knows power.

The whole unit is protected by a powder coated steel frame.  This helps protect it from the tough job site conditions, which is key.  The unit uses a Honda GX 390 gasoline engine. This is a 4 cycle 389 cc.  The unit also has a low oil automatic shut down feature.  The unit can be started by a pull cord or electric start.  However you do need to get a battery as it doesn’t include one.  Speaking of optional, the unit doesn’t come with a wheel kit, but we would recommend you buying one for ease of moving around.  The unit does weigh 200 lbs, so the wheel kit will come in handy.  In regards to power this has a max watt rating of 7,200 and has 6,100 running watts.

As noted, the engine is gasoline and the tank is located on top of the unit which makes it easy to fill.  The tank is 8 gallons, has a fuel gauge and will run up to 11 hours at 50% load or 10 hours at 75%. Some of the main features this unit has is fuel valve, idle control, hour meter, voltage selector switch and a nice panel layout.

On the side, this is where the magic happens, unlike Dan’s bedroom.  There are four 120 volt GFCI outlets, one 120 volt 30 amp locking plugs and one 120/240 Volt 20 amp A locking plug.  So as a user, you do have a lot of options.

When we were running this generator, it was much quieter than I expected.  Something this size should be louder.  However that could be because my hearing is getting worse as I am getting older.  The noise level of this unit is 75dB.

If you are looking for a tough generator or own a rental place, the Pramac won’t let you down.

buyamazon1Pramac S7200 Portable Generator, 7200-watt


Overall if you want a quality and reliable generator, Pramac is an easy choice.  Yes, you pay a little more but you get more.  You aren’t just paying extra for the name.  You are paying extra for performance.  When it’s cold outside and your power fails, you need a reliable generator.  When you’re at a job site and you need power, you need a reliable generator.  When you are at your cabin and it’s night and cold, you need a reliable generator.  For us it’s an easy choice, Pramac.



  1. Guys–Nice review. This sounds like a great, no-nonsense product. I was not familiar with the Pramac brand before reading this review, either professionally or personally. I certainly see the need for one, given the bout of harsh weather nationwide this winter. Having grown up in Southern California, there wasn’t much need for a generator at home, although we’ve had several power outages recently. They really suck, and it would have been nice to have a Pramac as a fall-back to provide power through the evening hours. Since we are also in earthquake country, it would be nice to have one “just in case”. Thanks for showing us this generator; I like products that are over-engineered, and this clearly falls into that category.

  2. I have a Honda powered BlackMax that I got from Sams Club a few years ago for about a Grand. I used it to run my house for two days just before Christmas and I have a feeling that I will need to use it in few hours with the wind and ice that is about to hit us in Michigan. It is a 7000W generator with 8750 Starting Watts.
    I think Dan will get plenty of cookies from the Pramac. Great review guys!


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