PowerMate PM0106507 6500W Generator – Review


Generators can save you in times of power outages, every household should have one.  There are many types and sizes of generators, so which one is a good one for you?  That all depends on your needs but we have come across a great all around generator that is perfect for anyone, even grandma.  Yes, I said grandma.  Power outages happen at in-opportune times and sometimes grandma is home alone when an outage happens.  With the PowerMate ,all she has to do is turn a key and she has power.  Obviously she would have to wheel it out of the garage to prevent carbon monoxide fumes , plug in the cords etc…  The point I am getting at is that it is simple and easy to start.

The PowerMate puts out 6500W and 8125 surge watts and is powered by a 420cc engine.  That means it will pretty much run anything in your household. Automatic voltage regulation keeps everything in check.  It has a big 6.5 gallon gas tank with gas gauge that gives it 9 hours run time @ 50% load.  The motor is not a Honda, but has features like low oil shut down and overhead valves.  It is made by Pramac who is known for building quality power generation products.  The engine started first or second pull every time, on cold starts you simply pull a choke located on the motor.  We had no issues with the motor and were pleased with its performance.  It includes a 2 year warranty.  It comes with a hose and funnel for oil changes but no oil, you will have to purchase that separately.  The included hour meter is great for keeping track of service intervals.

Everything is laid out nicely on the control panel, it has 2-120V 5-20R duplex outlets, 1-120/240V L14-30R outlet, 1-240V L5-30R outlet and 1-12V dc outlet.  The 12v comes in handy when charging your devices.  You can either pull start or use the electric starter.  The starter has a key and I like this feature because it stops kids and unauthorized users from starting the unit.  We had a few saws and an air compressor running and the unit didn’t skip a beat.  The build quality of the PowerMate is good and the Never-Flat tires make it durable for any job site.  The generator weighs a whopping 179 lbs so you will need a second person to load it into a truck.  It has handles that are set up nice for 2 people to lift.  When you’re by yourself you can use the duel folding handles to easily move the unit around.

The unit stays planted thanks to the rubber feet, which is good so you know when you check on it next it will be in the same position you left it.  Overall we liked the PowerMate PM0106507 6500W Generator.  It is feature packed, powerful and is a good buy for the money.  Check out Powermate.



  1. Definately have to get one of those. Electric start a plus with a back up pull start
    you can’t go wrong there. I live in the country and we loose power at least once a
    month. Damn near froze my butt off one winter, power was out for two days.


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