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I dont usually get excited over gloves, but Mechanix Wear has an awesome line up of gloves to fit just about anyones needs.  They sent us a few to try out.  I was on a job site and the tradesman was working on sheet metal panels, he was using cheap wool gloves.  I gave him a pair of  the CG full leather gloves and within minutes he was praising them.  Not only was he protecting his hands from the sharp steel edges, he was able to reach into his pouch and easy grab a single screw out.  He was able to function as if he had no gloves on saving him time.

Next I used a pair of  M-Pact Gloves while I was working on a friends boat.  I too easily grabbed bolts and nuts and was able to use my hands as if I had no gloves on at all.  The great thing was that my hand slipped while trying to loosen a rusted bolt and whacked the side of the motor.  Under normal circumstances there would have been blood and pain, but the M-Pact gloves with the rubber padding protected my knuckles from certain death.  A lot of technology goes into Mechanix Wear gloves and the quality is top notch.  Mechanix Wear has many styles of gloves depending on what you are looking for from work and hunting to gardening.  Check them out here.



  1. Dan–You obviously liked these gloves a lot. My only comment is that it would have been nice had the photos been labeled, indicating what model each of them represented. Photo #1 looked pretty beefy, and I assume would provide protection to prevent knuckle-busting. Were they the ones you had on when your hand slipped and hit the motor?

    I recently purchased a pair of CLC (Custom Leather Craft) “Subcontractor” work gloves which are very comfortable and quite good also. You might want to check this line out for comparison. You might even be tempted to run a throwdown competition of the top three or four brands of gloves as a public service.

    • Hi Steve, Thanks for the feedback. The gloves I used that protected my knuckles were the M-Pact gloves. The link is in the article :} The CLC website looks cool I will investigate this further lol


  2. I find that they do work fairly well, but they are not terribly long lived if your going to get into any heavy work. Nothing holds up like real leather work gloves for that type of work. I find that these mechanic type gloves often come apart at the seams, and wonder why they make them with so many small pieces that can end up coming apart.


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