Powerful Punch – Bosch PS22-02 12V Brushless Impact Driver


Bosch has been taking names and kicking ass this year with their tools.  While it is still early in the year, they seem to be the only real manufacturer bringing tools to market this year.  In fact, one of my favorite drills is the compact Bosch 18V.  Now let me clarify.  You probably know I have been a wild-man with the Dewalt compact and love it.  While I still love the Dewalt compact, I am really leaning towards the Bosch.  No, it’s not because they sponsor us.  It’s for two reasons.  First, I know Bosch and have had great success over the years with them.  Second, it’s just a rocking tool.  But you’re not here for the 18V, you are here for the 12V impact driver.

Bosch didn’t spare anything with this, well a three LED light in the front would have been great.  Other than that, this tool is great.  The balance, power and feel. Bottom line if you don’t need the power of an 18V, but still need great driving power, the 12V is the way to go.  Lots of power and easy to control.  Plus you get to use this battery with the heated jacket, how cool is that.


What We Like

  • Small, Light and Easy to handle
  • Powerful
  • Great Run Time

What We Don’t Like

  • Would be nice to see a 3 LED light in the front


Battery 12V Lithium-ion Battery
Battery Chemistry Lithium Ion
Battery Voltage 12
Battery/Charger Included
Case Type Bag
Certifications CSA
Charger BC430
Chuck Size 1/4″ Hex Chuck
Clutch Settings 20+1
Height 7″
Length 5.6″
No Load RPM 0-400 / 0-1,300
Rating 12V Max
Speed Variable Two Speed
Torque (in. lbs.) 179
Weight 1.6 lb
Weight (lbs.) 1.6






buyamazon1Bosch PS22-02 12-volt Max Brushless Pocket Driver Kit with 2.0Ah Batteries, Charger and Case



  1. The new Bosch brushless line are very nice 12v & 18v lines. I agree with you that Bosch is beating everyone to the line early this year. I will be test driving some of the new tools soon. Will it be enough to change my 12v line from DeWalt? I don’t know. I love my DeWalt line & they have proven their weight in gold. But, DeWalt is really slacking in bring on new tools to this line up or making any updates. I guess if it isn’t broken why fix it. I’ll hold my judgment some more & I’m not the first one to get new stuff anyway. I prefer to wait & see pros & cons from different sources on the forums.

    On a side note. That you mention about batteries fitting the Bosch heated jackets. I was out on CPO DeWalt & noticed they have the heated jackets on sale. I bought a XL jacket for $69 bucks (only jacket & adapter). They also have the all on sale right now. If interested better get moving quick. I’m sure supplies are limited. Laters TIA

  2. Even though I hate the tool companies are selling there tools in soft cases these days, it looks like the soft case really works for this tool. The Velcro straps are a nice addition to the case and I want to believe that I might be able to stack or slide the case better this way. The soft cases for the larger tools suck and make stacking and organizing really awkward for people like me that keep there tools in there assigned cases.

  3. This one is the pocket driver – I have not seen an impact driver with the new EC motors but the old one was PS41. As a bonus that one had three LED’s on it – but it was also loud.

  4. Love the 12v line. I have the older (Brushed) Drill, Driver and the Impact. Curious on the differences compared to the newer brushless.

    May want to update the title of the article, it leads you to believe you were reviewing the Impact when it’s the pocket driver. 🙂

  5. they are okay…. the M12 guns are still overpowering…. but they are a giant improvement..and with a name like bosch u know they are second to none when it comes to durability.. great stuff Eric


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