Makita MAKPAC Connector Case – Across the pond


Ok Makita fans before you get all excited, these have only surfaced in Europe. They look like a cross between a Systainer and an Lboxx with really no notable unique features. From the pictures It doesn’t look like there isn’t any side handles. Basically they interlock and have a top handle. They come in a few different sizes.  We know Milwaukee is working on some also and we are expecting them to be the ones to beat in the storage solution market. Just because we spotted these cases does not meant they will hit the American market, Makita could be working on and innovative solution just for the USA. Let us know what you think. Check them out over at Tool Stop UK.Makita MAKPAC


  1. So they took the original Systainer’s they have been rebranding for years and just rounded the corners? Not very appealing.

    There’s a reason Tanos and Festool abandoned this design in favor of the newer style – it’s a huge hassle to have to undo 4 separate latches every time you want to access a different box in a stack.

  2. Interesting, I got over tool boxes but those l-boxxes sparked my interest. I didn’t know Milwaukee is coming up with some. I was going to get some of these style stackable boxes so I’ll wait to see how those Milwaukee’s compare. So far I really like the Bosch

  3. You guys need to check the TIA forums more often. 🙂 I posted a comment about these boxes along with a link back in February of 2014 under the “Next phase in tstak cart” topic.

  4. The rumors of Milwaukee stackable tool box is interesting. They make great sinigle tool boxes and I still have my nicad 18v drill/sawzall/circ/flaslight box. Are they showing them at the symposium this year?


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