Power Tool Accessories Make Jobs More Efficient For Users.


The right accessory can ease the use of any tool and help enhance specialized applications. They can also provide added convenience and make work much easier. Save time and effort and increase your skills when you add the right accessories to your your power tool collection.

Cutting Power Tool Accessories

Saw blades come in a wide variety. The number of teeth per blade helps determine whether you are doing more all-purpose cutting (less teeth) or smoother, finer jobs (more teeth). The type of blades you use also play a part: carbide-tipped blades stay sharper, and while they may cost more than steel, they will also last much longer and will save money over time.

  • Height extensions raise the guide and allow band saws to cut thicker materials
  • Work stands, tool stands and roller support stands provide added stability and a level work area
  • Dado blades, as well as dado blade inserts and throat plates, give you the ability to easily make needed dado cuts
  • Clamps for table saws and miter saws hold stock down firmly for more accurate cuts

Drill Press Accessories

Bits make the difference between an average job and a super success. As with blades, carbide-tipped bits are the best choice, both for their long-lasting performance and their ability to stay sharp.

  • Fences help maintain accurate positioning when drilling repetitive holes
  • Mortising bits help you drill holes for mortise joints (cavities in stock that receive tenons)
  • A drum sanding kit turns your drill press into a rotary sander and buffer

Dust Collection Systems

Keeping your workstation clean and dust-free will add to the lifetime of tools and make your work area safer. CFM, or Cubic Feet per Minute, is the basic standard of measure used to rate dust collectors and is defined as the volume of air they can move at a given static or constant pressure. Select a dust collector with enough CFM to handle the dust output of your biggest dust-generating machine.

Laser Guide Accessories

Don’t guess when you need to have exact cuts and precise details. Laser guides give a visible line that allows you to clearly see and maintain the correct cut. Tools with the Laser Track system supply you with the accuracy and confidence needed to perform any job.

  • Laser line guides make it easy to achieve the perfect cut
  • Laser guides for drill presses allow the user to see precisely where the drilling location on the material will be

Sanding Power Tool Accessories

Various sanding jobs can call for different strengths and styles. Sanding belts of differing grits are designed to handle jobs ranging from light to heavy. Sanding discs and strips can replace worn or older parts.

  • Use higher grit sandpaper for finer sanding, lower grit for more material removal

Specialty Power Tool Accessories

Some planers feature table extensions within feed and out feed rollers that make feeding your stock easier. Top rollers let you slide a board across the top of the planer so you can feed it again.

  • Stands and sawhorses are a simple way to provide added stability to your workplace
  • Specific stands support specific tools, while universal stands allow for multi-purpose operation
  • Sawhorses can hold between 1,000 to 2,000 pounds when used as a pair, and fold down for easy storage
  • Keep in mind that sharp blades enhance performance, while dull blades will hinder operation

Wet-Dry Vac Accessories

Useful attachments for wet-dry vacs include a floor sweep, crevice tool and wide water blade. A car upholstery tool lets you keep your car’s insides looking as good as the day you brought it home.

  • Remember to regularly clean and change filters for best performance
  • HEPA rated filters capture 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns.

We hope this information will help you get your projects done better!


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