Hilti Tool’s Unique Laser Tools Feature Pulse Power


Hilti laser tools equipped with Pulse Power emit up to one million laser pulses in a single second. What does this mean in terms of technology? Quite simply, laser tools with Hilti’s Pulse Power deliver extremely accurate and reliable readings, even under the most difficult conditions.

Featuring Hilti Pulse Power, a unique range of laser measuring tools now redefines the benchmark for performance and reliability. Here are a few examples of products featuring Hilti’s Pulse Power:

Rotating Lasers: Catch the beam in one pass
On a bright, sunny day, the task of transferring reference heights over moderate distances can often become a tedious process due to difficulty in locating the rotating laser beam. Not with Hilti Pulse Power! Thanks to the high-frequency pulses of the laser beam, a single pass of the rotating laser beam over the receiver is all that is needed for immediate location of the line.

Range Meters: Top measuring performance
With Hilti Pulse Power, accurate, reliable readings can now be taken even under the most unfavorable conditions such as in bright sunlight. Hilti Pulse Power makes trouble-free measurements of distances up to 100 meters possible without need for a target plate – achieved efficiently with only one person.

Line and Combi lasers: Visibility without compromise
These laser measuring tools feature outstanding visibility of the lines they project, whether working with or without a receiver. In interior finishing, Hilti Pulse Power effectively avoids the nuisance of having to return to the tool to change operating modes and realign when working under frequently changing light conditions.



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