Pelican Vault iPad Tough ProGear Case – Jobsite Tough


Today’s contractor carries a digital device with them everywhere, if not a phone then a tablet. One of the most popular tablets and the one we use here at TIA is the Apple iPad. I personally use a mini and have always been worried about even taking it out of the house because I don’t want to risk it getting damaged.  Pelican is world renowned for their superior cases.  They are the top choice for protection.  When I found out that they had some iPad and iPhone cases I had to try them out.

Upon receiving my Pelican ProGear Vault case I was impressed with the toughness and quality.  The case is made from a tough material that has rubber in certain areas to help protect your devices even further.  The case hugs the screen and has a seal that keeps dust and moisture out.  The cover plays 2 roles, it closes to protect the screen and acts as a stand. The stand feature is one that I have used a lot more than I thought I would.  It has a rubber foot so it holds the iPad solid at almost any angle you have it at on any surface!  An aluminum hinge holds the door on and feels as tough as it looks.  It is easy to grip and does not hamper your usability of the iPad thanks to a low bezel.

Six hex screws hold buyamazon1the iPad in the case.  it really has a good snug fit.  It has an opening for your stock Apple charging cable, headphones and mute switch.  The volume buttons are protected and covered.  They have a great tactile feel to them.  The home and top buttons are covered and protected also.  I was surprised by the sound from the speakers It was better than I expected.  The case has an IP54 rating which is is not quite waterproof but extremely water resistant.  If you dropped the iPad in water and pull it out instantly you will probably be OK.  For a field tech the Pelican Vault case is a perfect option.  It will survive all the abuse of a job site while protecting your digital lifeline.  I just read an article that the UK was going to order something like 15,000 iPads for the police.  This case is going be a one of their top considerations I am sure.


  1. This case looks like it can take a beating. I’m more familiar with Otter for my iPhone & Targus leather cases for my iPad & mini. For my tablets I struggle (even my iPhone) with getting these types of tank like cases, because it takes away from the beauty of these devices when a case encompasses the device. I like seeing the craftsmanship & design of my devices. I also understand that they are very expensive & steps need to be taken to protect the investment we have with our high tech toys. A lot of thought is placed on the design then we cover them up (???), because the air will scratch it.

    After all that was said. I want one for my Apple toys, well not my Air (leather looks so much better). I also have kids & they do beat it up. I had heard of Pelican before, but I thought they were for other types of equipment. I can see why a contractor would use it for his/her job. I do have one Pelican case that came with a custom knife I ordered last year (yeah expensive knife). Again, thank you for showing us all these new things to protect our gear. I’m also looking into the Pelican hand gun case after seeing your review on the AR jumbo case. I need another job & I didn’t win the Power Ball again 🙁 Laters TIA


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