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If you have been following us, you know I have been working on my house for a while.  Back in 2018, I gutted the whole house for a remodeling job.  As you would expect, things don’t always go the way you plan.  At the time, I figured I would also gut the kitchen since I would be adding on to it.  Well, here we are two years later and it’s still not done.

I had issues with the village since it’s a historical house, I had issues with the concrete company and issues with the framer.  Let’s just say it has been a nightmare.  But with that being said, I am lucky because my wife has been awesome through this whole thing.  I have heard stories from others where remodeling has killed relationships, so all in all, I am lucky.

One way we have been getting through not having a kitchen is grilling.  We are always grilling.  I have been using the Traeger smoker, Monument Grill, and Weber.  So all in all, it’s been great because we are always eating tasty food and we have been making the best of it.  Since I am grilling a lot, the one thing that has been awesome is the tools I have been using.  I invested in some good cast iron pans, grilling utensils, and best of all, my Fillet knife.  While everything has been great, the Fillet knife is top dog and has been making life so much easier since you can do anything from slicing tomatoes to deboning fish and other meats.  It’s a very versatile tool.  So it got me thinking.  How many people really have a good knife?  My guess is not a lot.  So that’s why I am here today.

Life is short and I understand times are hard but every once in awhile, we have to treat ourselves to something special.  So I figure if you are into cooking, why not treat yourself to a nice fillet knife.  You can get anything from a $10 knife up to hundreds of dollars.  But I wanted to go over the three budget-friendly knives that I think will make your cooking experience better.


1Elk Ridge ER-028 Fillet Knife


The Elk Ridge retails for about $14 which is a decent price.  The knife has about 200 reviews with a 4.5 rating.  For me, I love the wood handle and the stainless steel is 3CR13 which is typical stainless steel at this price point.  3CR13 is inexpensive stainless steel that will keep a sharp blade for a while and is natural resistance of corrosion.  The only issue is this only comes in a 7″ blade with a 5-1/4″ handle.  So if you like a bigger blade, this isn’t the knife for you.

2KastKing Fillet Knife


While the Elk Ridge uses a 3CR13 stainless steel, the Kastking uses a G4116 German Stainless steel blade.  This steel is fine-grained stainless steel and is used in medical and kitchen cutlery because it holds it’s edge well and is also has a higher degree of corrosion resistance. This knife also has high market on Amazon and is offered in a 5″ – 9″ blade size.  Since this is a little better quality, you will be paying a little more and can pick this up for about $28 depending on the size of the blade.

3Paudin Fillet Knife


This is a knife that I just love the looks of the knife.  While it will run about $28 on Amazon depending upon the size of the blade, it’s just a classy looking knife.  This blade uses a 5Cr15MoV stainless steel which is a Chinese copy of the german X50CrMoV15, that is why the price point is low.  This stainless steel was specifically designed for the knife industry.

This type of stainless steel is great for kitchen knives because it holds an edge and is easy to sharpen.  I wouldn’t recommend it for an EDC knife.

Other Knives

If you don’t like the knives above, there are so many to pick from on Amazon, Bass Pro, or other places.  Check out the knives on Amazon.

The Fillet Knife

I know fillet knives aren’t for everyone but for me, they are my go-to knife.  I love how easy it is to put an edge on the knife, I love how I can cut delicate items or harder items, I love how long they stay sharp, I love how tough they are.  If I drop it or ruin the edge, it’s easy to get it back to the original sharpness.

Overall, A fillet knife is a great all-around knife for your kitchen or being outdoor.  They aren’t terribly expensive so if you do lose it, it’s not going to ruin your day.

Sometimes we just have to get a little happiness in this crazy world. For me, it’s having a good Fillet knife.


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