Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

Why did Milwaukee design and manufacture an 8″ cordless Metal Saw?  Because they can and because the users demand a metal saw with power and a tool to make their job easier.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Overview

When you look around the market, you can find metal saws.  All most every power tool manufacturer has a metal saw.  However, Milwaukee is taking it one step further with a heavy-duty metal saw that will compete against a corded metal saw. In fact, this saw generates 15A of corded power and cuts faster than a 15A corded metal saw. To me, that’s a no brainer.  I get the power of a corded saw, that is faster but I can lose the cord, it’s a no brainer.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Features

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

The Milwaukee metal saw, model 2982-20, generates 15 amps of corded power which means this bad boy is quick.  In fact, Milwaukee claims it cuts faster than a comparable 15 amp corded metal saw.

The saw is powered by the Milwaukee M18 battery and will deliver up to 120′ of cutting corrugated decking per charge.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

The saw is built around a brushless motor that sits on the left side of the saw.  The motor provides 4,000 RPM which means it’s not only designed for tough work but also for speed.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

On top of the saw, there is a rubber over-mold handle.

Accessing the chip collection and the blade change is extremely simple. Just release a lever and you can easily access the chip and blade.

One of the best features is being able to lift the blade guard with a lever that is conveniently placed by the top handle so you can operate it with your thumb.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

As you would expect, you can adjust the depth of cut.  While it’s easy to make the adjustments, it’s not always easy seeing the depth since both the background and numbers are the same silver color.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw

On the top of the tool, you will see an overload indicator light along with a storage area for the Hex wrench for blade changes.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Performance

We cut through a wide variety of metal objects to test it and see if we could get it to bog down.  Time after time, the saw ran through everything we threw at it.  The saw performance like a champ without any hesitation.

As you can see from the pictures above, we cut through some different materials.  If you follow us on Instagram, then you saw a lot more and how some of the material was pretty tick.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Value

You can pick this saw up for about $400.  If you are in the trades where cutting decking and other metal is a daily routine, it’s hard to argue with the price, especially if you already have M18 batteries.  The saw is powerful and performance like a champ, so with that said, the price is fair.

Milwaukee M18 Metal Saw Wrap Up

Bottom line, the Milwaukee metal saw is a great addition for those who work with metal decking.  You lose the cord but not the power.  You have a reliable tool you can day after day knowing it will keep up with you.  In the end, it’s hard to knock anything about this tool since it does exactly what they advertise, cut metal.


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