Paslode Fuel+Nail Pack


How many times have you been doing a job only to run out of nails or fuel?  Then you work your way to the store to grab some nails and fuel to finish the job.   Then you find out after the job that you have either too many extra nails or fuel.  Not a big deal of having extra, well the fuel could be if you don’t use it because it expires.

Paslode created “Fuel + Nail Pack”, a system where you don’t have to worry about figuring out how many nails you need and how much fuel you need to drive all the nails.  Basically it’s a pack that contains 1000 nails and one fuel cartridge (plus an adapter) so you can easily estimate how many boxes you need for a job.  This way you always have enough fuel to match your nails.  Now you don’t have to worry about running out, unless you estimate the job wrong.  This allows the user a more convenient and efficient way to buy their nails and fuel by combining it all together.  Perfect for the remodeling job at hand.

The only downside I see to this is the packaging.  Well not really.  Paslode sells their finish nails as this pack or you can buy the nails separately.  When you buy the nails separately, the nails come in a nice reusable plastic case.  These cases are strong, closed and stay closed.  That way when you toss them in your bag at the end of the day, you don’t have to worry about them opening and ending up at the bottom of your bag.  The fuel + Nails comes in a cardboard box.  But again these are designed so the user can grab what they need from the store and get the job done without having to worry about a lot of left over product.  So in the end, who really care about the packaging.

amazon Paslode 16g Angled Trim Fuel and Nail Pack


Personally I think this is a great idea.  Why have to buy nails and fuel separate when you know you will be using both?  I like the idea of buying what I need and not worrying about old fuel sitting around, expiring and wasting money.  One package, one trip.  You don’t have to worry about forgetting either the fuel or nails.





  1. Nice find Eric, that is a slick setup that they sell, A good test would be a battery operated nailer vs. a fuel + battery nailer..Maybe having to worry about fuel will be a thing of the past soon!

  2. FOR MY NAILING NEEDS the RYOBI Niler works best for me. No fuel cell to buy and I have 5 extra batteries
    and 2 chrgers for bck ups. Have many 18Volt Ryobi tools.


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