Cody Shows Off His New Tools – Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.


We wouldn’t be Tools in Action without you the reader and our YouTube fans!  So we love to give you guys tools.  Cody who won the last giveaway was kind enough to made a video thanking everyone and showing off his new tools.






Thank you Cody!

To enter the Ultimate tool bag giveaway just subscribe to our YouTube and or like us on Facebook.  You don’t have to do both but it helps.  O and I did I mention, mass Giveaways the next few weeks.  Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel.






  1. A big congratulations Cody! Those are some incredible tools. That Bosch table saw. Wow! Tools In Action is the BEST! And a BIG THANK YOU to all the tool companies that made it all possible!!!

  2. Thats great! Congrats cody and thanks to TIA for having these giveaways, we are now on the 3rd which is already on its way to being the best with Rolair and Johnson always contributing, Keep up the great work guys!

  3. hi Dan I’m confused, do you get entered in the ultimate-tool-bag-giveaway every time you comment because I don’t have a youtube or a facebook and would love to have the chance to win one of these, I appreciate everything tools in action does and the tool companies that support you guys, I haven’t found a video of you and Eric where I don’t laugh at least once


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