OLFA Utility Knives


What’s your most reached for tool in your tool belt? Whether it’s a pen to make cut marks on wood, a straight edge to remove stubborn stickers on new windows, or even a pocket knife – consider lightening your load with one simple and strong utility knife. OLFA® utility knives, with their high quality carbon tool steel snap-off blades makes jobs easy and quick. Not only can it handle the gentle projects, but the 25mm line of utility knives can cut through industrial and structural materials, like nylon, belt synthetics, clothing materials, sacks/bags, rubber, linoleum, carpet, fiberglass, rope, gaskets, laminates, plastics and more.

Olfa knife

All OLFA® Snap-off Blades are made of high quality carbon tool steel. The Japanese grade materials ensure exceptional sharpness and long-lasting performance. The 25mm snap blades have 7 cutting surfaces and provides a clean finish to the cut. The 59 degree edge angle optimizes power while resisting breakage when cutting.

The line comes in an array of substantial handles with non-slip and cushion grips. Heavy-gauge stainless steel blade channels provide secure blades hold, strength and durability. All handles feature easy, tool-free blade replacement. Be sure to check them out, the tools and blades are available nationwide at Home Depot, Lowes and OLFA.com.


  1. A blade of any kind is always a must to have. Opening package materials on nearly everything out there now days can be a chore.


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