New Milwaukee Tool Lights for 2015 – First Look

Job light stand light

It has been a busy week behind the scenes here at TIA. We attended the 2015 Milwaukee Tool New Product Symposium.  They showed off their latest Trueview innovation with 3 new lights in the M18 and M12 line.  We had a chance to check out the new M18 LED Light Stand,  M12 Spotlight and the M18 High Performance Flood Light. Will will have as it becomes available.


  1. Were there other secret tools being shown? What I’ve seen so far, while cool stuff, seems some what not worthy of the hype. I mean a pipe wrench is great and all, but I was expecting more.

  2. I think Milwaukee does an awesome job with these symposiums. I’m gonna be picking up these lights as soon as I see them, and giveaway my old yellow halogens.

  3. I kept hoping you would ask the rep is the flood light w/the 110V plug would charge the 18V battery. That would make this new light a real job site winner! (And worth the price)

  4. It’s hard to get excited about tools made in china. You guys pump this crap up like it’s some huge, new thing. But it’s all just china crap. BOYCOTT USA companies that move AMERICAN jobs overseas. Quality is compromised. We Americans end up with a substandard tool for the same price it sold for in the USA. The greedy corporate logic…..and you sheep believe this………”Oh, hey……at least the price hasn’t gone UP”.

    Sheep nation.


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