Newborn Caulk Guns – HybridTech Series


I can’t say caulk guns are that fun to talk about, but for some people they are the center of of a conversation.  Newborn came out with three new caulk guns, which you can see in the video below.  The new series is called the HybridTech Series

  • Model 211-HTS
  • Model 212-HTD
  • Model 288-HTR

I don’t know that much about caulk guns, but lucky for us we have Ty over at the marina.



  1. need upgrade..own sloppy dripper..pulling handle up on mine..still ozzes out.whole thing is
    covered in goo…now watch this ,hate

  2. Eric–Granted, it is a cool design, but I am wondering about how rugged they are. I have an aversion to composite/metal tools, as the composite part is what usually fails in use. A fall from 5-6 feet while on a ladder could be enough to break it. Are there any claims about durability from Newborn?


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