Milwaukee M12 Compact Vacuum – 0850-20


Milwaukee just added a new tool to their ever growing M12 line.  This time they have the Milwaukee M12 Compact Vacuum – 0850-20.  This is the perfect vacuum for any contractor to carry in a bag.  Some times you don’t need that big bulky shop vac.  You might be drilling a hole or making a little mess here or there.  I like the fact you get a bunch of attachments with the tool, I just wish you would also get a tool that has small brush to protect certain surfaces when your vacuuming.



  1. Very nice addition to the m12 line I’ve been thinking about picking this up since I sold my 18v one a couple months ago and haven’t replaced it yet. Thanks Eric!! T.I.A!!

    • The extension wand female end is about 1/32 of an inch too big around for the m18 vac hose male end.. Although you could make it work if u really wanted to.(duct tape)
      I have had this m12 vac for a couple months now and it works as advertised, with good run time. But it is no Linda Lovelace. So dont expect this vacuum to replace your 18 volt vacs. You have to constantly keep the filter clean just to have any substantial suction. Mine has been permanently assigned to workbench detail and will not see the job site.

      PS. Looking forward to Dan n Eric showing us some new red tools in June. Keep up the good work.

  2. I really want to pull the trigger on this one but it’s pricey. I already a small handheld vac from BD for small jobs & it’s going to die soon. I like it because I have this battery platform already. What to do? Again freedom of movement can’t be beat. Damn you guys….. Laters TIA


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