NewAir G56-BL 5600 Watt Garage Heater – Review




g56 heater

In typical TIA fashion we are posting a heater review at the end of winter.  NewAir sent us out their G56 5600 Watt heater to try out.  I must be honest and say when I first plugged the heater in I was a little underwhelmed.  I am used to propane and kerosene heaters that put out massive BTU’s.  I left the G56 heater running in an old drafty garage that we were working on for about 30 minutes and to my surprise when I came back the garage was about 5 degrees warmer making it a bearable environment to work in.  The G56 works off of a 240V plug and draws 30 amps which produce 19,110 BTU’s.  It has a low and high dial on the front that really didn’t seem to do much when we turned it, but we were below the 45 degree thermostat shutoff.

g56 heater 3

The unit moves a lot of air and over time will warm up to a 560 Sq. Ft. area.  This is a good unit to put on a bench to keep you warm when you are working, although the fan can be a bit rattly and loud at times.  The 6′ cord will allow you to place the unit almost anywhere The heater puts out roughly as much air and heat as a single heat vent in your home.  If you have 240 in your garage and don’t want to use fuel, the G56 is a viable option. Check it out over at NewAir.

g56 heater 2

g56 heater 22

g56 heater 66



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