DeWALT DWM120 Deep Cut Band Saw – Making the Cut


Band saws are one of my favorite saws, they make a nice clean slow cut and are generally less likely to kick back than circular saws.  One of the downsides to a band saw is you can only cut a certain dimension of material due to the 2 wheel design.  Enter the Deep Cut band saw, it allows you to cut bigger material up to 5″ rectangular stock (5 X 4-3/4″ for round).  10 Amps of power will cut through most any material.  The DWM120 has a few features that make it easier to use on the job site.  It has a LED light that is turned on via a switch that lights up the work area and clearly lets you see your work.  At 15lbs it is not a light tool, but that weight helps the saw cut though material like butter.  100-350 sfm is adjusted by a speed dial and a variable speed trigger giving the user complete control over the cut.

The drill-like handle gives you complete control and the front handle can be adjusted into 3 positions for better ergonomics.  We used the tool for a variety of odd cuts like cutting copper out of steel housings.  We would not have been able to do this without the deep cut ability.  It has a blade tracking adjustment so you can keep the blade on track.  Blade changes are a snap, just release the the lever and the blade comes right out.  There is no shield on the back of the unit, everything is exposed.  I would like to have seen a cover here to keep out debris and protect the user from rotating parts.  For long term service life the unit has replaceable brushes.

A hook on the unit allows you to hang the saw when you are not using it. The saw is tough.  We threw it around quite a bit with no issues.  So if you are looking for a quality deep cut band saw, give the DeWALT DWM120 Deep Cut Band Saw a look.  It has a 3 year warranty.




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