Mini Maglite Review


This is a mini Maglite that was sent to us from to illustrate their new engraving tool and how it works on metal.  We were going to test this flash light, but as Tony pointed out, these flash lights are used by law enforcement and other agencies that require reliable and sturdy products.  So we are pretty sure these are fully tested and meet anyone’s needs.  We decided to tell you a little bit about this light.  Below you can see the mini mag beam against the mag 3D beam.

The mini Maglite uses everything that is great about the bigger lights, but makes it in a smaller version, hence mini.  This comes in a nice case with two AA Duracell batteries.  As with all Maglites, you can change the light from Spot to flood depending on what purpose you need.  The flashlight is made of aluminum and is water resistant. It has a peak 2200 candlepower.

The scratches on the case are from us when we were carrying it in our toolbag and from sliding on the work bench.

As with all Mag lights, there is a spare bulb under the tailcap.  Just pull the spring off and you can access the spare buld.

One cool feature with this flashlight is the ability to convert to a free standing candle (Click on above picture).  This is a great feature when you need to use both of your hands and can not hold the light, such as when you are working under a sink or other awkward spots.

No, the above pictures are not UFOs.  This is a comparison of two maglite flash lights shining on a wall about 10 ft away.  The left light is the minimag light and the one on the right is a 3D mag lite.  Obviously the 3D has more power and a bigger bulb and that is why the light is more concentrated and brighter, but we were very surprised that the 2 AA was still extremely bright.

Overall, if you are looking for a flash light, take a look at any Maglite.  They make some of the best flash lights around.


  1. I am a police officer and love these flash lights. I have put my light through so much and they withstand anything I could through at them. I know this review is for the Mini, but all their lights are incrediable.


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