Buck Knife Review


Tyler Tool sent us this knife to show off their new engraving tool that will engrave your name, company name or anything else you may want.   Since we had the knife we decided to run it through a couple of tests and review the knife.  I own a couple of Gerber knives and always heard our friend Billy talk about his Buck knives and how much he loves them, so we decided to give this a try.  There are a lot of different knife manufactures to chose from such as Buck, Gerber, Leatherman and more.  Before we get started we do want to note this is a mini Buck knife, but as far as we are concerned, anything you put your name on should be quality whether it is a $10 knife or a $500 knife.  The only difference should be what the item is used for.

A mini knife is not intended to carve up your fresh deer catch.  A mini knife is a smaller utility knife.  Considering the blade is only 2″ long, I think you get the point as what you can and can not do with this knife.  This is a nice little knife you can keep in your pocket, your car, tool box or on your key chain.  This Buck knife only weights .7 oz., so it is very light.  The blade is made from 154CM Steel and the handle is made of high-tech thermoplastic.  This is a folding knife and to our surprise it also locks.  The handle is 3″ long, so for someone like me, even with my big hands it fits nicely in my hand and I still have control.

For this test we only did two items.  The first item we did was throw it agaisnt a concrete wall at a pretty good speed just to see how it held up.  After picking it up, it had a couple of scratches, but still worked fine.  The next test we performed was locking the blade in a vice and putting some pressure on the handle to see if we could get the lock to fail.  We put a fair amount of pressure on the handle and it did hold in place.  Actually when we took the blade out of the vice, there were only a couple scratches, but it was still very sharp.

Now don’t get us wrong, we are not acting like this is the strongest knife we have ever used.  If we wanted to  break this knife, we could.  But again this is a mini knife and we wanted to put more pressure and abuse then this type of knife should see.  Now we are pretty sure if we put a lot of pressure on the handle we could get it to fail.  If we hit it with a sledge hammer, we could break the handle.  As far as we are concerned, this is a very nice and strong knife for being under $10 and a small knife.


  1. Thanks for the review. I’m not so sure about the blade made from 154 though. Every web listing has it at 400 series. Any comment?

  2. I got a 525 for Christmas. In 2002. was at our cabin in 2012 built a fire in the stove. used my Buck 525 to cut up some carboard and wood . After the fire was going i looked for my Knife…. The next morning took the ashs out and you guessed it. there was my Buck.. good as new. I showed it to my doughter; Her statement; Dad I bought you a good Christmass Present;; Thanks Buck.


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