Milwaukee’s New M12 Sub-Scanner 22901-21



Looking for a cool or fun toy?  How about a practical tool?  Milwaukee has it, the new Sub-Scanner detection tool.  This looks like a cool idea and we can not wait to get our hands on this.

The Sub-Scanner detection is a new innovation and part of the M12 line up.  This tool detects depth of wood, wiring, PEX, PVC and metals, but what is really cool it can detect rebar in concrete up to 6”deep.  Not only can it detect rebar through concrete, it detects other materials through drywall, ceramic tile and marble.

The Sub-Scanner, model number 2290-21, is designed with a four wheel design for accurate measurements.  The display uses a white on black for easy reading.    As you can see by the picture, this fits right in your hands.  We are not sure the price of this bad boy, but we will keep you updated.


  1. cool! I would like to use something like this…

    don’t you sometimes wonder about the amount of money we spend on gadgets that are supposed to make our lives *easier*, but once we do buy them, we forget them at the back of the toolbox after playing with them for a few hours.

    Guess this is what will happen to this neato toy too..


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