Saw Jaw Review



About the Saw-Jaw

Changing a blade in a table saw should be easy, but as you know we have all had experience when it has been anything but easy.  We scraped our finger from the teeth of the blade, dropped the blade into the table saw, we have dropped the blade on the ground when not paying attention, and these are just a few things we have done over the years.  A good blade runs anywhere from $60 and up, so why damage the teeth or even take the chance of damaging a good blade.

Well, now you don’t have to worry about damaging your finger or blades any more.  The Saw-Jaw eliminates the clumsiness of  day to day blade changes.  With its unique design you can change and store a blade, while protecting it through the whole process.  The Saw-Jaw is very easy to use, just open up the Saw-Jaw, clamp around the blade and lock it back into place, its that easy.

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The Review

The Saw-Jaw is made right here in the good old USA.  When we first heard of this concept, we thought it would be pretty cool, but after seeing gimmicks in the past, we wanted to get our hands on it and try this cool invention.  The Saw-Jaw is made of a hard plastic and is very easy to use.  Just unlock the ratching clamp and the jaws open up.  You can insert the Saw-Jaw into the opening of the table saw and it locks right around the blade for a nice tight fit.  Once we locked the jaws around the blade, it was very easy to loosen the nut and take the blade out.  The best part is you don’t have to worry about a wrench slipping and then you cutting your knuckles.

Inserting a blade is just as easy, just reverse the procedure and you’re set to go.  We tested this on all sorts of different blades.  Rip blades, plywood blades and more.  The Saw-Jaw grabbed them all very strong and gave good protection for the blades.

We wanted to see how well the blades stayed in the Saw-Jaw, so we inserted a blade and dropped it a bunch of times from  6′ to 10′.  Each and every time the blade stayed in the jaws.  The Saw-Jaw runs for about $15 and for the money, it is a great investment to protect all your valuable blades.

Final Thought

The Saw-Jaw is a pretty cool idea and practical.   Using the Saw-Jaw is a great way to change blades on a table saw and still protect the teeth of the blade.  Not only does it help protect the teeth when changing your blades, but it also makes a nice storage option.


  1. These look pretty cool. Great way to change and protect my nice blades. I am going to try them out and will let you know my thoughts.

  2. Wow, I didn’t even know there was a product like this out there! This will make my life in the shop alot easier. I do alot of sawing. Thanks!!


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