Milwaukee Zipper Pouches

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches

As you know Milwaukee is full steam ahead.  They are the power tool manufacturer that designs and manufactures power tools at record speeds.  They test the waters, find problems and create solutions for the professional tradesman.  If you are looking for a simple solution to keep small parts, tools or something else together, take a look at the Milwaukee Zipper Pouches and see if this 3 piece system is right for you.


Organization is the key to happiness.  Okay, maybe not for everyone but it is for me.  I can’t stand when things are all over the place.  One of the hardest things to keep organized or together is small parts or other items.  The perfect example is my SDS bits.  I have 5 that are my go-to bits.  It’s hard to keep them organized and together.  Sure I can keep them in the rotary hammer box but I have a corded and cordless version.  I know whichever one I grab, it won’t have the bits.  Well, Milwaukee just helped me out with the pouches.  One of the pouches is perfect for my SDS bits.  I can store them in the pouch and keep the pouch right by my rotary hammers.

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches – Information

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches – Features

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches

The Milwaukee 3 piece zipper pouches are a solution to store small tools, parts or other items you want to keep together.  These are perfect for parts, fasteners or just a bag for on the go.

  • 3 Piece – 6″, 8″ and 14″ pouches
  • Breathable and durable #10 canvas
  • Water Resistant
  • Stand Up base – Making them easier to access
  • Metal Zippers
  • Hang Loops so you can attach them together
  • Color ID Bands located at the top to easily identify each bag

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches – First Impressions

Overall the pouches are great.  The canvas is thick which means it will hold up.  With the pictures below, we put some screws in the pouches.  Not sure if that will cause premature failure as this is more designed for tools, tape, and other tools that don’t have a ton of sharp edges.

I like the thick and large zipper which means it’s easier to open and close.

Milwaukee Zipper Pouches – Final Thoughts

There are a wide variety of pouches to choose from.  I have been using the Klein pouches for a while and love them.  The Milwaukee seems to be a good alternative to the Klein bags.  Quality, reasonably priced and offers some useful features to make our day a little easier.


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