Milwaukee vs. Dewalt 12V Impact Wrench

Milwaukee vs Dewalt wrench

In this corner we have the Milwaukee M12 Impact Wrench model 2451-22.  In the other corner we have the Dewalt 12V Impact Wrench model DCF813S2.  Okay that was a little cheesy, but this is our first Friday Night Tool Fight.  Before this little showdown started, I did talk a pretty big game as I am a huge Milwaukee fan.  However, Dan had his own smack talk, even with his ripped up jeans.

Before we get started there is a lot more to true comparisons than what we did.  There are other factors like how long the batteries last per charge, what is the longevity of the tool and other items to consider.  We are just doing this to have some fun and show a speed comparison.  What we did was take two 2.5″ lag screws and run them through a piece of 2×4 to see who was faster.


In terms of speed the Dewalt spanked the Milwaukee.  I had a couple tears in my eyes.  As you can see by the table above, the Dewalt is more powerful with a smaller frame and the same weight as the Milwaukee.  Does this mean you should by the Dewalt?  Well, that really depends.  If this is going to be your only tool in the 12V category, then yes.  If this is going to be your primary tool in the 12V line up, then yes.  The Dewalt has a very nice feel and great power.  However, if you will be building up a nice 12V line of tools, there is still no one that compares to Milwaukee.  They have some great contractor tools in the M12 line up that no one can match.  This is only one tool comparison in the 12V line.  Even though I lost , I challenged Dan to a fight with the 12V Hammer Drills.  That’s when Dan had to forfeit because Dewalt doesn’t make one yet.



Dewalt vs Milwaukee Video



  1. Thats not quite a fair comparrison, the DeWalt has more power. They are equal in their own right.
    Guess you would have to see which one lasts the longest over time and doing the same tasks.

  2. Oscillating multi tool? Jigsaw? Right-angle drill? Reciprocating saw (coming out soon)? I’m not knocking DeWalt, what they have is excellent, but what sold me on the Milwaukee 12V tools are the options.

  3. Test it with the xc battery. the milwaukee with the xc battery will have an increase in Torque, and rpm and should then run circles in that time test then.

    • I agree with you guys, there are many different variations of test we could do. We just wanted to simulate a stock out of the box situation. Milwaukee builds a good tool and the M12 line is huge!

  4. To: -Greg E-

    The current batteries are near identical for this test. Slap Red-Lithium on the 2451-22 and it still would not have kept up with the DCF813S2. Dewalt is launching a higher capacity battery for the 12v max line in April. So Dewalt will be even further ahead on this one particular test.

    This was just a simple fun test right out of the box to test one application. That’s all, take it at face value and leave it at that.

  5. To: -JC-

    “This was just a simple fun test right out of the box to test one application.” —-I will agree with this.
    “The current batteries are near identical for this test”—- this is false the xc battery would make for a near identical for this test. the standard battery is 1/2 of what the xc is. (you get what you pay for. the xc was not the standard battery in most set to make the sets more affordable and completive with other 12v systems, bottom line)
    “Slap Red-Lithium”—-red lithium is not sum gimmick (to much tech to go into)
    “Dewalt is launching a higher capacity battery for the 12v max line in April”—-GOOD I have both dewalt and Milwaukee 12v sets, i will benefit from this. (and so will every other consumer out there/dewalt set was a gift)
    “Dewalt will be even further ahead on this one particular test.”—– i get it you are a dewalt guy, who dosent like it when some one says another brand is better.

    “take it at face value and leave it at that.” —-no need for the attitude at the end it is after all a simple fun test

    • The Dewalt, Milwaukee battle always gets heated. I am A DeWALT power tool guy but will take a Milwaukee Hand tool over a DeWALT hand tool any day. I also have some M12 tools that I love! I guess I am just A Tool Guy!

  6. As sad as I am to say it, being a Milwaukee guy, I had a similar experience. Even though I tested the Milwaukee with the XC!! battery against the standard 12v DeWalt.

    I was testing on car lug nuts. I could torque the nuts to 120ftlb and get them off with both guns, but the DeWalt was slightly ahead by 5-10lbs. I was quite surprised. Ended up giving it to my dad to use at work, since it’s his only impact. I have the 450ftlb 1/2″ M18 impact to complement my M12, so I’m never strapped for torque 🙂 I actually can’t remember putting the M12 to a bolt it couldn’t take off in normal use, but then I haven’t stressed it too much yet.

    But Milwaukee did drop the ball on this one. It looks and feels like a more solidly built piece of kit, yet the little yellow guy does better with less cells. Come on, Milwaukee…

    I feel like the breakaway torque should be a bit higher as well on the hammer mechanism, as it starts hammering on slightly sticky bolts when it should drive them straight in no problem. It’s slightly disconcerting, makes you think the bolt is cross-threaded, but no, it just requires a slight bit of torque.

    Overall I like the tool, but DeWalt has shown it can be done better, so I wish Milwaukee would step up. Why not give us the most power possible in the palm of our hands? It really is a powerful thing when you can pull off every job with one small tool.


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