Lowe’s Basement Project – Final Thoughts


Wow I can’t believe it is finally done.  As always this took a lot longer than I expected.  The one thing I can say is that I am so glad we tackled this project.  Again our house is very small, so having a basement we can use makes a world of difference.  We can now take some of the toys and keep them downstairs.  Our goal was three things:

  • Have a place for the kids to play
  • Since space is limited in our house, we wanted to be more organized and have things along the wall
  • I wanted a place to store most of my tools
We were able to accomplish this but the biggest thing was being able to have a place for my kids to hang out.  I have to say it was funny because my oldest son kept asking me when his basement would be done.  I tried to explain it will be his basement once he starts paying the mortage, but I don’t think he fully understands the money aspect and taxes since he is only three.  Before we started we already had the furniture.  If you don’t you can pick up used furniture very cheap from a thrift shop or garage sales.  Also the table and chairs were given to us from a friend awhile back.  We used to have it upstairs and it was taking up space, so it is nice to move it downstairs.

Okay, the million dollar question, did we stay under $750?

  • Paint – $338
  • Paint Supplies – $32
  • Lumber – $213
  • Rugs (Front of white board, washer dryer)  – $27
  • Kids play Rug – $21
  • Whiteboard – $14
  • New Dryer Exhaust – $17
  • New Drain Cover – $14
  • Curtains – $22
Grand Total – $698

Well, we are finally done.  In fact we had a small little pizza party down there.  Well actually it was pretty much the kids watching me hog down a pizza.  We now have a place for all my tools and the kids have a pretty cool play area.  Nothing like mixing kids with a concrete floor and power tools?

Completed basement Pictures – Well except for the curtains.



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