Milwaukee V28 Hammer Drill Review


This review is for the Milwaukee V28 Hammer Drill.  This came in the Milwaukee V28 Combo kit model number 0928-29, but you can also buy this drill separately.  If you are looking to buy this separately, the model number is 0724-20.

The first thing you notice about this drill is the balance.  The drill only weighs 4.4 lbs without the battery.  When you attache the V28 battery, it balances the all metal chuck and sits perfectly in your hands.  To jump ahead, this drill comes with a side handle which you will need because it puts out an amazing 600 lbs of torque. The Milwaukee hammer drill has a 1/2″ chuck with carbide jaws and the clip-lock system.  The motor can also produce some serious speed, 0-9000/0-27000bpm and 0-600/0-1800rpm.  As you can see, there is a high and low setting plus 20 clutch settings.  Another cool feature is the battery can go on forward or backwards.  This helps when  you have to get into spots that are tight and the battery always seems to get in the way.  With this, you just turn the battery around and are ready to go.

We like the balance and feel of this drill.  We stuck on a 1/2″ dull drill bit to test the power.  We first drilled into a treated 4×4 and as you can see by the video, the drill went through it with no problems.  The next thing we did was to use the dull drill bit and drill into a solid Oak 2-2×4.  We attached the two Oak 2×4’s, so in essence we had an Oak 4×4.  Again this drill ran through the solid Oak with no problems, not once did it bog down.

Another test we did was to mix concrete.  In a 5 gallon bucket we filled it up half way with concrete and, mixed it with the drill.  For this test we knew we needed the side handle, because this drill will produce 600lbs. of torque.  As you can see by the video, we had a hard time holding the 5 gallon buck in place.  The drill mixed very well.  Now long term we don’t know how much of this type of work the drill can handle, but again, there are other corded drills out there that are better suited for mixing concrete.  Over all, the drill mixed the concrete great.

For the Milwaukee hammer drill we gave it 5 blades.  We really like the power it produces, but one of the best features is the overall balance.  This is a powerful drill that you can easily work with all day long and not get to tired.  This is one drill you will not regret buying.



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  1. I read all your reviews of the Milwaukee kits and like the reviews. Good information and good test. I bought my kit a while ago and still ike it the Milwaukee tools.

  2. I have heard some very bad things about the batteries for this drill, apparently should the drill bind up at all, it melts the batteries? I was wondering if anyone else has heard of this or experienced the same.


  3. I have never heard of this. I use to use the V28 all the time and never had a problem with the batteries. I have a hard time believing the melt.

  4. I have been using my V28 for over three years. I am pretty tough on my tools and never had a problem with the batteries. I think when the techology first came out and Milwaukee jumped the gun to be the first Lithium Ion battery, they probably had some problems, but from what I heard, everything is fixed.

  5. I love this drill. I think the balance is the best, not too heavy on the front side or back side. I used a Dewalt for years and after picking this up, I could tell the difference right away.

  6. v28 batteries are junk i have 12 dead ones to prove this.thats alot of money.milwaukee rep says i overheated them how that possible


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