Milwaukee V28 Circular Saw Review


This tool review is for the Milwaukee V28 Circular saw.  This circular saw came in the Milwaukee combo kit 0928-29, but you can also buy this power tool separately.  The model number for this saw is 0790-20.

The Milwaukee circular saw is a 6 1/2″ saw and provides a 4200 RPM.  This saw has an electric brake that will stop in under two seconds after taking your finger off the trigger.  This saw is extremely light, weighing only 7.1lbs.  The weight reduction is due to the fact they use high strength aircraft aluminum.

Putting a circular saw through tough tests is a fairly enduring process. Unlike the Sawzall, which is designed to cut through different material under different conditions,  a circular saw is designed to cut through wood for the most part.  Because a circular saw can only cut so deep, we can not really stack a lot of materials on top of one another to see if we can bog down the saw.  So for this review we really wanted to cover how the saw handled and operated.

Once you pick this saw up, you can feel how light it is, but not to light.  You don’t want a circular saw that is very light because you need some weight to the saw, so the blade stays down in the material you are working with.  When making our first cut, it cut through 1″ plywood with ease.  The feel of the saw is extremely nice.  We like the way Milwaukee has the handle positioned, so you always stay in control of the saw.  Not that we recommend this, but this saw is very easy to use with one hand.  The D-handle in the back is at a great angle, so when you are working above the saw, you can get good reach while staying in contact with it.  You can still keep the saw in front of you,  making sure the blade stays in the material you are working with.  One note, this saw comes with a framing blade.  We used this to cut through the plywood with ease.  Once we changed the blade to a plywood blade, it made a big difference as the cut was even easier.

A nice feature that we used a lot with this saw was the blade lock.  The blade lock enables the user to very easily change the blade.  All saws have a blade lock to change the blade, but some manufacturers make the lock awkward to use, thus changing the it becomes a chore.  Milwaukee includes a Hex tool to make this even easier.  We wanted to try different blades on this saw to see the difference, so we did a lot of blade changing.

We did put some dull blades on this saw that we had left over from other tests to see if we could get this saw to bog down or overheat.  While the battery would get warm, which is expected, the saw itself didn’t produce a lot of heat.  As you know, you want the heat to dissipate so it doesn’t put wear and tear on the motor.  In terms of bogging the saw down, it was very hard to do, even with a dull blade.  We cut through some oak 2×4’s and treated 4×4’s, but the saw just cut through with ease.  We ran through a couple batteries, but that was due to how much cutting we were doing.

Over all,  we gave the Milwaukee circular saw a 5 blade or highest rating.  There is not much to circular saws, but this has the power to cut through some serious materials and we had a hard time bogging this tool down.  Your hands feel natural on the grips, so you never feel uncomfortable using this saw.

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  1. I love cordless trim saws. I currently own a different manufacturer, but I will look into the V28 after seeing all your reviews on this system.


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