Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review

Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review

Are you a plumber or someone who needs to transfer water, quickly and without a cord?  If so you may be happy to hear about the Milwaukee transfer pump.  As you know Milwaukee has a huge line of power tools.  Their 18V line is one of the biggest on the market and I don’t see them slowing down.  When Milwaukee makes tools, it’s not always about how many we can sell.  Instead, it’s about what problem is the professional having and how can we solve it.  Even if it’s a small niche market, Milwaukee isn’t afraid to try something new and solve a problem for the few.  Which brings me to why we are here, the Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review.  So let’s get both feet wet and jump in.  OK, that was corny, but who cares.

Milwaukee Transfer Pump ReviewThere are a ton of uses for a transfer pump, but I going to relate it to a hot water heater since I just used this on mine to flush it out.  We all know that this maintenance needs to be done yearly and as a contractor, this is a great way to sell a job and get your name out there.  While there are a lot of times a hot water heater might have a drain close, there are those times where there isn’t a floor drain nearby.  Instead of attaching a 100′ foot hose, now you can use this cordless transfer pump and use the sink nearby.  OK, so Milwaukee isn’t the first with a transfer pump, but this does have some unique features to it.

The first feature and probably the best is you can run this off your M18 battery, which I am sure you have a lot if you already have Milwaukee tools.  So no more carrying around an extension cord along with your pump.  The next cool feature to this pump is it’s self priming.  So no more have to unscrew a scre3w, pour water into the pump and then tighten the screw.  For this unit, just attach your intake and your outlet, turn it on and go.  The unit is self priming.  The third feature that I love about this unit is protection.  This tool can recognize when the tool stops moving water and will automatically shut itself off, which will avoid dry pumping.  Pretty cool isn’t it?  So basically you can set this pump in in seconds, start moving water right away and avoid breaking the tool with dry pumping.

Milwaukee Transfer Pump ReviewOK, so it’s a cordless transfer pump with some cool features, but what about performance.  With the Milwaukee transfer pump, you can move up to 480 gallons of water per hour.  That’s a high volume of water in a short period of time.  If you are using a 5Ah battery, you will get about 240 gallons per charge.  The unit will generate 18′ of lift capability, which means even if you are in a basement, you can attach a hose and run it out the window to expel the water.  The unit also produces 75′ of head height.  For the connections, Milwaukee didn’t cheap out, they went with a 3/4″ brass outlet and inlet connection.  On the side of the tool, there is a viewing window which helps identify and detect blockages if they occur.

There is not a whole lot to talk about this unit since it’s simple and straight forward.   What I love about this unit is its efficiency and ease of use.  Pretty much you just make the connections, hit the power button and sit back.  Really what else is there?  Now this unit is designed for water, so you shouldn’t use it on gas or other harsh chemicals as it’s not designed for that use.  Some might complain about that, but as long as you know what it’s for, how can you complain.  But it is something I wanted to point out

Milwaukee Transfer Pump Review Specification

  • Length 13.2″
  • Height 6.0″
  • Width 5.75″
  • Weight 7.9 lbs
  • Warranty 5 Years

Overall this is a great way to move water.  Not having to worry about a power supply, well except for the M18 battery, is awesome.  I would have loved to get more in depth on the Milwaukee transfer pump, but what else can I really cover.  It’s works as advertised and is a great addition to the huge M18 line of Milwaukee Tools.


  1. Used this to feed water into a demo saw, worked awesome. Pumped the water from a barrel in the truck. Put a filter hose end on the inlet side and cut dust free using almost any water source. Love this tool!

  2. I am thinking that this tool would be great for the annual cleaning operation for on demand water heaters using a vinegar/water solution. Battery life could be a great self timer in this…


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