Bosch Green Laser Review – Cross Line Laser GLL 100 G

Bosch Green Laser Review

When it comes to lasers, Bosch is hard to beat. They have been in this game for a long time and have experience with creating lasers. Now I am not saying I don’t trust other companies when it comes to lasers, but when you look at Bosch, it’s hard not to pick them as your top choice. They have a huge line of LDMs, levels, and laser. When you see a company get this involved in measurement tools, you can see they want to dominate. In order to dominate, you not only have to be innovative, but you have to create trustworthy products people can rely on year after year and job after job.  If you have been following Bosch over the last couple of years, you can see they have been releasing a ton of measurement tools that are not only innovative but quality and reliable devices.  Which brings me to the Bosch green laser review.

Bosch Green Laser Review

The Bosch GLL 100 G is a new cross line laser from Bosch.  This laser is a self-leveling cross line laser.  Now this isn’t just another laser, this laser is a green laser.  Green lasers are much easier to see than it’s counterpart, red lasers.  The Bosch is 4 times easier to see than red lasers.  So if green is easier to see, why don’t we see more green lasers on the market and why would we even use red lasers?  There are a variety of reasons we use red lasers, but the main reason is cost.  Creating and producing a green laser is more expensive than a red laser, which means a higher retail price.

This laser is going to be used under a variety of conditions.   When Bosch designed this laser, they thought about the abuse these lasers could be exposed to.  So they designed this with an over-molded rubber construction and designed it to meet the specs of an IP54 rating, which is dust and water.

Bosch Green Laser Review – Visibility

When you put a similar red laser next to the Bosch laser, the red laser will give you about 65′ of working range.  With the Bosch laser, you will get 100′ working range, a significant difference from the red laser.  Bosch is known to be very accurate with their laser.  For the GLL 100 G, the accuracy is 3/8″ at 100′, that is pretty amazing accuracy at such a long range.  This laser constantly monitors the laser’s temperature which protects them from overheating and provides maximum line visibility.

Bosch Green Laser Review – Operation

Using the laser really couldn’t be any easier.  As a user, you only have to worry about two areas for the mode of operation.  The first area is located on the side of the tool.  There is a red switch with three positions.  The first position is the OFF position.  Move it to the right one spot and the laser will turn on and stay in the lock position. Move it once more to the right and now you will be in free mode.  In this free or unlock mode, the pendulum will move freely and will auto-level itself up to 4°.

On the front of the laser, you will notice two buttons and two lights.  The top left light indicates the battery status, which this unit is powered by 3 (AA) batteries.  Just to the right of the battery gauge, is a red light which will notify you if you are in the lock or unlock position.  Below these lights lay two push buttons.  One is for your horizontal line and the other is for your vertical line.  You can use these buttons independently to pick which line you would like to display.  You can also show both vertical and horizontal lines together.

Bosch Green Laser Review – Mounting

A laser is designed to be used for a variety of leveling conditions such as working on the floor, walls and ceiling jobs. Each of these jobs requires different mounting options in order to be useful.  Bosch thought about all the different ways this laser can be used and provided a variety of ways to mount this tool.  On the bottom of the laser, you will notice two mounting threads which make this useful for tripod operation.  The mounting threads are 1/4-20 and 5/8-11.  Besides the target, there are two mounting accessories that come with this kit.  The first is a BM3 for ceiling grid applications.  The second is a free-standing base with retractable feet and microfine height adjustment.  The stand also has a very strong magnet if you want to hold it tight against a metal surface.

Bosch Green Laser Review – Specifications

  • Accuracy +/-1/8 in at 33 ft
  • Laser Diode <10 mW @ 500 nm -540 nm, Class 2
  • Leveling Type Self-Leveling, Up to 4°
  • Range Up to 100-ft.
  • Mount Threading 1/4-20, 5/8-11
  • Operating Temperature 14° F / -10° C ~1 22° F / 50° C
  • Length 4.4″
  • Width 2.2″
  • Weight 1.08lb

Includes (1) BM 3 Positioning Device + Ceiling Grid Clip, (1) Green Laser Target Plate, (3) AA Batteries, (1) Hard Carry Case

Bottom Line

When it comes to lasers and measuring, Bosch is hard to beat.  The Bosch GLL 100 G Green Beam Self-Leveling Cross-Line laser is another winner.  Besides being easy to operate and offering a variety of mounting operations, the Green line is very easy to see.  The green line is bright and perfect for anyone looking to make their life a little straighter.


  1. I gotta try out that reamer bit holder. I do hate having to carry my regular hand reamer, honestly they’re heavy. Having the ecx bit on there (which I already use when running pipe) reduces the tools I have to carry when piping. That’s awesome. I know Klein already makes a similar one but the Milwaukee but holder being longer looks way more practical. Gotta have it!


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