Milwaukee Tool New Product Launch


Dan and I recently took a road trip up to Milwaukee to see some of their new tools coming out this year.  Besides having to deal with Dan, I have to say the trip was fun.  We had a chance to see some pretty cool new tools and other gadgets, plus get some hands on.  One thing that really surprised me was how many new tools they will be releasing this year.  Now they are coming out with tons of new tools, so I can’t possibly cover them all, so for now I am only going to cover a few of them.  As time goes on, we will keep you updated with more of the new releases.

If you have any questions whether Milwaukee has a lot of tools in their line up, just take a look at this picture below.  I am sure no one will argue, but I had to find some way to show off this line huge line of tools.

All Tools

Milwaukee LED Lights

Lights are great, but when they are LED lights, well that’s just awesome.  Milwaukee is introducing two new LED lights, an M18 and M12 lights.  Both lights are very bright, brighter than you would expect.  The M18 (2361-20) has 1100 Lumens with a runtime of 3 hours on high and 6 hours on low.  What’s really cool is all the different ways a user can position the light to light up an area.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw

Yes you heard that right, an 18V brushless circular saw.  I always thought the Milwaukee 18V circular saw (2730-22) was one of the best on the market, but it just got better with a brushless motor and 4.0 A/h battery.  Cutting through LVL or more is a snap.  They didn’t stop there.  They also introduced a more rugged shoe and a nice little dust blower in the front to help you see your line as you cut.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Sawzall

The company who invented the reciprocating saw just took this one step further with the introduction of a brushless Sawzall (2720-22).  Not only is it more powerful than their older version, but now it has an adjustable shoe.

Launch Date: October 2013





Milwaukee M18 Fuel Grinder

Yes another brushless tool, the M18 grinder (2780-22).  More ergonomic and powerful.  Well check out the video below and see for yourself.

Launch Date: October 2013



Milwaukee M18 Multi Tool

I know we have had a lot of people ask about a M18 Multi tool (2626-22) and if Milwaukee would ever come out with one.  Well guess what, they did or I should say they will.  Variable speed and tool-less blade change, plus they have two accessories you can buy such as a depth gauge and dust collection.

Launch Date: November 2013




Milwaukee M12 Heated Line

If you own a M12 heated jacket, you know how valuable these jackets are on a cold day.  Well now you can get heated hoodies or heated hand warmers.

Launch Date: August 2013




Milwaukee M12 Fuel Rotary Hammer

We tested the brushed version of this tool, but can’t wait to get our hands on this one.  This is part of their Fuel line which means this bad boy is brushless (2416-22XC).  This is one of my favorite tools in the M12 line up.  In fact, we are even giving one away in our Ultimate Tool Bag Giveaway.

Launch Date: They are out, you should know that




Milwaukee M18 Fuel Impact Wrenches

These are some bad boys and are designed for the serious user.  Looking for a powerful impact wrench?  These will suit your needs, trust me.

Launch Date: October 2013




Milwaukee Hand Tools

Holy cow, where do I start?  Knives, Knives and more knives, plus screwdrivers, nut drivers and more.  It’s madness.

Launch Date: Depends which tool you want.



Milwaukee Accessories

Drywall, utility blades, bottle openers, markers (which we tested on Dan’s forehead, but we don’t recommend it for this use.), tape measures and more.  Where does it stop?  Well I guess for Milwaukee it doesn’t.  If there is a need, Milwaukee will be there.


This will allow the user to write and mark even on dusty areas, block or concrete, plus a stylus on the end for your tablet.
This will allow the user to write and mark even on dusty areas, block or concrete, plus a stylus on the end for your tablet.



In the end this is only a small sample of what Milwaukee will be releasing in 2013.  There was a lot more, but we had to leave early after Dan tried to steal this thing below.  We were stopped and politely asked to leave.  Stay tuned for more and cool stuff from Milwaukee tools.




  1. That must have been great! Milwaukee is really cranking out some tools, cant wait till the individual reviews from you guys!

  2. I think that thing Dan tried to steal is the “Milwaukee Box360PS4”. The ultimate video game console. Thanks again for going and reporting!

  3. Thanks Eric, you have made me want to crawl up in a corner and cry. I’m buying a new house and consequently, I will lack sufficient funding to upgrade to these awesome new tools for some time.

  4. Amazing !!! But there is no video for the grinder . Cant wait to try them the circular saw and the sawzall look f&@€%#*+%ing powerfull

  5. I am a Milwaukee guy through and through. I am staring my hand tool collection and can’t wait for this stuff. However, I must say that those tape measures are FUGLY…….wow….in my opinion the designer should be fired. Ok, I don’t know if their that bad, they just look ugly for Milwaukee who usually has sharp looking products.

  6. WOW ! The grinder is CRAZY ! And they have a paddle switch version i think , for me its a must have ! A other charger ! I will need a van just for my chargers .:-) The only thing missing is a m12 tablet to go with the pen ! I hope Dan’s forhead was not to hard to clean !

  7. Any news on a new M18 vacuum?

    The original m18 vacuum hasn’t had any improvements since 2008.

    With all of the innovation in the new tools, you would think they would give us a better way to clean up after the work is done.

    We need a compact vac like the little dewalt and an improved M18 vac.

  8. I agree about the vacuum. I have been thinking about getting one for a while, then Dewalt came out with two. I think Dewalt has past Milwaukee on vacuums.

  9. It might be awhile before they do redesign on the vacuum. I don’t think they sell a whole lot of them right now maybe with some good marketing and a brushless motor they can add some more sales. Right now they are concentrating on making brushless tools at the moment.

  10. Did they talk about the M28 line at all? Has Milwaukee decided that the M18 fuel performance is just as good or even better than the M28 line. There really hasn’t been too much going on with the higher voltage batteries except for concrete drilling.

  11. i am so confused, i dont know if i want dewalt or milwaukee brushless tools, by the way, when do the pocket knives come out?

  12. Brody i have DeWalt and im changing to Milwaukee, i cant stand to Wait that long for brushless saws, plus i really like the fuel and m12 stuff…

  13. Hi Erick,chase,Brody..sold my old dewalt nicad stuff i had.
    place in my town has little store ran by guy ..buys and sells
    tools..raining today..thought talk to owner and look around
    the store a bit..showed owner picture of dewalt tools selling.
    dc12 radio, vacuum ,big impact 1/2, hammer drill.highest model
    on nicad 18 volt..hex impact,grinder,sawall,circular saw,3 xrp
    battery ,charger.sold all for 250.00 ..but owner going to trade
    show going pick up milwaukee jacket,m12 brushless hammer drill,
    stick light,m12 caulking gun,vacuum ..said would sell to me cheaper
    than amazon..kept 12 volt lithium dewalt stuff that screwgun
    feels good,3 lights..temperture reader,hex impact..flashlight weird
    looking one with 12 volt pancake battery slide in..super bright its
    keeper..brody hard for me to going for dewalt or milwaukee like both.
    what won me over was m12 ratchet..m12 multitool..selection of brushless
    tools..most milwaukee is brushless drill,hex impact,1/2 impact compact
    gosh grinder, circular saw,already have ..sell them get new brushless
    ones..brushless addict ,brushes tool that have had never let me down.
    milwaukee tools i have on rack match my rollaway red & black..use have
    72 chevelle red with black stripes..did pick milwaukee for color over ..maybe little bit…dewalt coming out with new stuff at right.used dewalt in past ..never let me down at all.yellow or red.
    have both..stay m18 and m12..brody go m12 line …ratchet and multitool
    are just amazing..looking forward to m12 hammer drill ..and jacket.
    brody both dewalt and milwaukee good.nicad system did me well..upgrading to light compact tools..after using nicad so long.
    newer tools feel like a feather .working upside down changing transmission at 2 in morning like i did a week ago..light powerfull
    cordless tools with led lights are godsend..dewalt has new tool
    i really like still buy from them..ok have both..ordered dewalt angle
    hex attachment….bright yellow..buddys probally laugh at me for using
    milwaukee impact to turn the dewalt..ok because want to borrrow it
    someday i will laugh at them…homedepot by you hold dewalt and
    milwaukee in hand .see what feels better to you..hard choice because
    both brushless tools dewalt and milwaukee are so good,really can,t go
    wrong with either brand..hate to say this tools are so close in power
    function..guess which color like better..prices ,sales, stuff..saying
    if went dewalt brushless before milwaukee…love dewalt just as much.
    milwaukee was first out with brushless..ready then to
    dewalt coming around with brushless tools..dewalt first most likely
    be so yellow near my rollaway…anyway brody post back if you decide
    to buy cordless which brand you choose…whew..finger numb..before i
    go start my day.Eric have question for you.end post .question will
    be below…cheers
    to lighter and compact

  14. ERIC..hi buddy..on milwaukee 12v jackets…guy going get
    me one at trade these jacket run true to size.
    about same size as you…would we both take large size
    or medium..thinking large is right…medium might be to tried one on before..if not maybe
    dan tried one on…coming from trade show ..hard to return.
    6foot 1 ..190 pounds…are we close in back
    if you know please..pretty please with milwaukee tool on top.

    • I’am 6′ 195 and I wear an XL which fits great. I know they say they should be a little tight to help keep the warmth in. Mine does great with an XL and if I want to have a sweatshirt under, I am fine also. Might want to try the XL. I have never tried a large on before, so not sure if that would fit to snug for you.

  15. congrats to all work gt winners and rockwell sonic crafters.
    mike from rockwell contacted me today…send it out fedex.
    2 weeks…x2 has five stars reviews every place..little
    blade cutter ..scissors..cut cardboard boxes up with that
    for recycle..never seen that scisssor attachment with any
    other multitool…had to look it toolsinaction
    video cutting cardboard like…work gt looks
    awesome edge,trim,minimower…small yard ..might just buy
    one of those work gt 20 volt..steep hills end of yard..sideways
    when mowing with mower might work great on steep
    side…harold in few months if use mini mower on if
    great mower…videos look good..want you reviews on it…please.
    also post reviews on sonic crafter x2…using it on front pourch
    window inside attic ..frames need scraped and painted…rockwell
    to rescue…gave dremel multitool to my buddy…dremel works
    long use it freaking hot even with gloves..air vent right where
    put my hand..goodbye dremel multitool..cutting the square on frame
    for deadbolt in door..use to use chisel and hammer..multitool makes
    it so much easier..flooring work fabulas..broken bolt in buddys
    old chevy truck..rounded bolt head…could not get to back side
    to cut nut off with air tool cutter..within five minutes using
    m12 milwaukee with a craftsman 67658 metal blade went trough the
    nut and bolt ..blade so flat easy to get the angle to cut.sanding
    triangle surprised me ..awesome sander even corners..sandpaper
    sticks to pad better than thought it wood…scraper blade used
    remove old glue on floor..timesaver…have bigger blade goes
    into sawall sells them…waiting for tile removal
    project try that on 18 volt hackzall..have sawzall far
    hackzall has done everything i need..lighter and smaller.cuts
    like big boys.rainy day for me…tools on my mind.cheers happy
    monday…goodluck to all on july 4th bag give away..going make
    someone so happy with all different tools in bag..maybe some
    not fit in bag given away to…no not Erick truck..ecoboost
    would be cool win…haha…toolsinaction maybe five years or
    so .ford should let them give one away..after all dan and erick
    show trucks should let them give one away..maybe
    someday.bye.happy tooling.

  16. TKS Eric …go for xl to on milwaukee guy
    tell him to get me xl…on 72 chevelle had it when i was
    27..drove it for 4 years then sold it for 6 grand..72 ss ..had 350 corvette motor in it when i bought it..turbo 400 shift
    interior ..back seat and 2 bucket seats were diamond tuck..original
    motor was 350 also.outside cranberry red with black stripes.wish
    still had it…first kid was born i was 31 years old..sell it for
    funds to live car to drive..46 now..driving 4×4 last 6 years
    never give up..driveway is steep ice pit in winter..rearwheel drive
    cars i had always stuck at bottom where city curb is raised..spin and
    spin…4×4 no problem..find car similar someday at good price be fun
    to own and work on…now trucking along on 6 th year 98 ranger super
    cab 4×4 had it when odometer was 41.139 miles on at 120.000
    miles..0 problems .also first ford i owned.wife drives a 2006 impala
    ss…finally paid off. has 39.573 miles last i check.bought new in
    2006..replaced tires..0 problems with that car so far…cheers..tks
    again for size milwaukee jacket..have 4 m12 batterys little ones.
    have one 4amp 12 volt ..stick little ones for jacket..couple spares
    really cold out….cheers

  17. hi rick i have m18 and dewalt 18v nicd but i think i might stay with milwaukee for a while instead of dewalt 20v max.

  18. I just ordered the fuel hammer drill driver kit with 2 xc batterys from cpo, it will take me a couple months to recover from this buy lol….

  19. Maybe 4 tools. The sawzall, m18 drill, light, and cordless saw. I love them. Like Dan, I don’t let anyone borrow them. 🙂 I’ve made shelves and toys for my daughter. They are great. Just wish I could afford more tools. How about you?

  20. This will be my first Milwaukee, I have several DeWalt 20v tools and they are great, but I am not happy at DeWalt as a company. I am tired of waiting, and waiting and waiting even longer for tools to release…DeWalt probably wont release brushless saws until the next media event…. I just cant wait that long and I really like and heard good things about fuel and I really like the M12 Line.. I am starting out with this drill then eventually get the impact and then save up till October when the other fuel tools come out…. Also I have just started seeing in the past couple of months a Milwaukee rep, He drives around in a red ford F-150 with Milwaukee all over, It kind of makes me feel better that if I ever have a problem there is someone close by, and another reason I like Milwaukee is there 5 year warranty.

  21. No one should be this excited over a bottle opener-but I am! Also looking to maybe try the heated gear-good reviews on that stuff. Milwaukee is bringing it! Whats the next company to diversify its product vase? Bosch?


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