Fathers Day Rockwell and Worx Winners


Today is the day that we announce the winners from our Worx and Rockwell giveaways.  We will email you  shortly.

WORX GT winners:

Amanda P

Harold W

Jason J


Rockwell Sonicrafter winners:


Rick W

Jenn M

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  1. Oh My God!!!! Thank you! I don’t believe it!!!

    Best Father’s Day Ever (Just don’t tell my kids)!!

    THANK YOU SOOO much!! You guys are the BEST EVER!!

    Now do I have to come over and mow your lawns?

  2. won won tks so much dan & erick ..tools in action rocks.sent my address
    back to you in a reply to email sent to me..awesome day ..you made my
    day….thanks guys

  3. Thank you Chase! Lol. Your right. And it’s a lot better then being called a tool. Like some people have called me. 🙂

  4. Wow! Thank you to Dan, Eric, & Rockwell.

    My Dad is a self employed carpenter & I’m a general contractor/carpenter. This X2 will see a lot of use!

    Take care

  5. Thanks Guys for the Worx String tirmmer. Now I’m going to have compare this tool too the Ryobi string trimmer I currently have. I’m pretty sure the Worx’s going to win it has a ton more freatures.

  6. rockwell sonic crafter was delivered today by fedex.
    one nice sweet machine… going to use on my porch sunday..
    do some window frames upstairs.tks toolsinaction…happy winner.

  7. I received my Rockwell sonicraftor x2 today. I own the Milwaukee m12 which is quite handy but this one is better. Toolless blade exchange & the shears are great!

    Thank you Rockwell & Tools in Action!!

  8. I Got the Worx GT 2.0 here today and did some edging with it. It seems to blow my old 18v Ryobi trimmer out of the water performance wise and feature wise. The only thing I wish is they shipped it with a 4.0ah battery or 2 2.0ah just so that I could have the option of buying the blower as a bare tool. To get back to the positives it puts togeather easy,and looks like its made out of high quality components and the ergonomics are way better than the Ryobi. I’m starting to think pretty soon the only gas yard tool I’m going to have is going to be My big Toro 2 stage snowblower which is an awesome snow eating beast. It’s tempting to get a battery powered mower at the moment also. The battery powered tools help so much with air and noise polution. The only think to help it along is by giving some longer warranties on the batteries they are the most expensive part of the whole system so that scares people off. Hopefully I get to win another contest getting a yard tool was fun but nothing beats real powertools that you can use too build stuff


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