Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

When it comes to power tools, Milwaukee is one of the top manufacturers.  Their M12 and M18 line are one of the biggest lines in the industry.  When it comes to job-specific tools, Milwaukee isn’t shy about going after tools to help the professional. One of these tools is the Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Information

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Features

When Milwaukee releases power tools, they don’t use a cookie-cutter approach.  They actually try and make a useful tool that offers many benefits and features to make the work easier and more efficient for the professional.  The Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter isn’t any different.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

The Threaded Rod Cutter (model 2872) is designed around a brushless motor.  The tool is designed to cut the most common rod sizes including coarse 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ mild steel to 1/4″ and 3/8″ stainless steel.

The tool also features an LED light making it easy to see even under darker conditions.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

The cutter is powered by the M18 battery line which can provide up to 400+ cuts on 3/8″ Mild Steel using a M18 2Ah battery.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

The tool features a four-sided cutting die which allows you to cut multiple sizes of threaded rod on one tool by simply rotating the dies.

The tool is designed for a nice clear line of sight when making burr-free cuts.  Because the tool uses pressure instead of a wheel, not only do you get a cleaner cut but no chips or sparks. The tool is designed for even cuts of 1-1/2″ trim lengths.

Once a user is done with a cut, the jaws will automatically open which makes repetitive cuts a snap.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

The design of the tool is designed for a good balance for one-handed cuts or even using on a benchtop or flat horizontal cuts to make the tool stable.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter

The tool uses a single trigger switch to make cuts.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Impressions

So here is the deal.  Yes, we tested it with the threaded rod the tool is designed to work with and yes, it performs as you would expect.  Burr free cuts, quick, no sparks and works like a champ.  However since this is a tool that will be used for many years, we thought we would throw some hard material at it to see if it would cut it.  We just wanted to see how strong the jaws were.  We knew if we threw something hard at it now, it would easily cut threaded rod.

As you can see we cut through some bolts and other steel that is much harder than the threaded rod this tool is intended for. So with that said, I would say these jaws are extremely strong and the tool is overbuilt, which is a good thing for the professionals.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Wrap Up

Considering the material we cut and how it held up, the ease of use and all the features this tool has to offer the professional, it’s a great tool to put on your radar.  If you are dealing with threaded rods and performing repetitive cuts, this is a no brainer and something you buy to make your life easier and make your jobs quicker.


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