Hart Digital Inflator

Hart Digital Inflator

How many times have you needed a compressor or inflator?  As a homeowner, I am sure a lot of times, even more often if you have kids.  For me, it’s one of my most used tools.  I am always using it for the kid’s bike tires, my automobile tires, basketballs, footballs, inflatable beds, inflatable rafts, and the list goes on.  Today we are going to cover a new brand but not a new tool, the Hart Digital Inflator.

If you are not familiar with Hart, learn more about Hart Power Tools.

Hart Digital Inflator – Information

  • Name – Hart 20-Volt Cordless Dual Function Digital Inflator
  • Model – 577708188
  • Price – $54
  • Where to BuyWalmart
  • ReviewHart Reviews

Hart Digital Inflator – Features

Hart Digital Inflator

The inflator will pump a car tire from flat to full in about 4 minutes which isn’t bad. The unit has a range of 0-150 psi which means you can use this on a variety of applications. One cool feature is the auto shut off.  Just set the pressure you want, press start and it will shut off once it hits that desired pressure.

If you are filling pool toys, inflatable beds or other toys that have a larger size diameter filling holes, no worries as the inflator has a large tube for those type of applications.  The inflator can fill a twin air mattress in under 45 seconds.

The unit is powered by the Hart 20V battery.

The batteries can be charged using a slide on charger.

Hart Digital Inflator

Turning the unit on and off is straight forward.  Setting the desired pressure is also straight forward.  The unit has an easy to read screen with a blue back light.

All the accessories and hoses are stored on board so no worries about trying to find a place for them.

One cool feature is the light on the end of the handle.  This comes in handy if you are using it at night or in a darker area.

Hart Digital Inflator – Impressions

Hart Digital Inflator

The inflator reminds me a lot of the Ryobi inflators.  The inflator is very easy to use and set up.  Yes, it takes longer to fill up a car tire than a compressor but when compared to other inflators, it’s not any faster or slower.

The screen is easy to read and the braided hose is quality and won’t get damaged easily.

Hart Digital Inflator

As you would expect, it’s easy to attach the tire inflator.  Setting the desired pressure is easy.  The inflator is loud but just as loud as other inflators we have tested.  One downside to some might be real-time pressure.  Once you set the desired pressure and press start, the inflator will start filling.  As it fills, it just stays the same pressure as the original pressure when you pressed start.  If you stop the inflator before the automatic shutoff, it will show you the new pressure.

In regards to speed, it’s about what we have seen with other inflators.  It’s not as fast as a compressor but the set and forget features are nice.

I own a truck that sits up higher.  The cord doesn’t have any issues reaching even when the tire stem is at the top.

Hart Digital Inflator – Wrap Up

Overall this is a great inflator for the money.  If you want a handheld inflator that isn’t as much, check out the Hart Handheld Inflator which only costs $30.  In terms of this inflator, I think it’s a winner for $54.  Yes, it’s loud, but all inflators are loud.  Yes, I would like it to show how much air is being put in the tires as I am filling but those are the only two negatives I have with this tool.  Overall the price is great and it does what they advertise and for cheaper than other brands.  Considering you can jump into a wide variety of other Hart tools, it’s a no brainer.


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