Milwaukee Tapcon Installation Kit – 48-20-7497


If you have ever drilled and fastened into concrete, then you have used a Tapcon anchor.  While they are awesome and probably the best around, they certainly aren’t cheap.  So you want to use a great system that sets the concrete fasteners right the first time so you don’t strip or break the fastener.  In the past I have always used two different manufacturers for a 3 piece Tapcon setting system.  I have either used the Brand Name Tapcon setting system or the Ramset Condrive.  There are other manufacturers who make these type of concrete fastening kits, but the Tapcon and Condrive are proven.  Recently we discovered that Milwaukee has a version out called the Tapcon Screw Installation Kit model 48-20-7497.

If you are not familiar with a 3 piece system basically you have a drill bit.  In the Milwaukee case it has an SDS Plus shank (some have a Hex).  Either way you insert the bit into the rotary hammer or hammer drill.  You can now drill your hole.  Instead of having to take out the bit and insert a different bit to install the fasteners, you can leave the bit in place and insert a sleeve over the drill bit.  At the end of the sleeve you either have a Socket or Bit so you can install the fastener.  This system is a real time saver and that’s why most people use this type of system when drilling and installing fasteners.

For the Milwaukee kit you get 7 different pieces, plus a soft case:

  • 2 SDS Plus Rotatory Hammer bits – 5/32″ x 7″ and 3/16″ x 7″
  • 2 – 2″ Power Bits (Phillips) #2, #3
  • 2 Hex Sockets 1/4″ and 5/16″
  • 1 Drive Sleeve
The sleeve slides on very nicely and doesn’t get caught on anything, making it quicker.  The magnetic tips in the Sockets are powerful, so you can attach the fastener and it will stay in place.  I used the 3/16″ bit to make about 50 holes to hang plywood for electrical panel backing and it did hold up.  I also used it a little to install some plywood over concrete for sub flooring.  I still can’t figure out if I like the hard cases or soft cases better for storing my Tapcon sets.  Both have some pros and cons.  However I really do like the set.  It’s not a cheap knock off.

When it comes down to it, does the Milwaukee offer anything the Tapcon or Condrive doesn’t?  No, they don’t.  The system is the same and there really isn’t anything new or exciting.  However, I will add this to my list of installing kits and don’t have a problem saying I know can trust three different Tapcon fastening systems.  The soft case is nice for me, but some might not like it.  The bits, sleeve and drivers are all high quality and seem like they will last.






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