Milwaukee Magnetic Drive Guide Set – A Cool Little Tool


Milwaukee is hitting the hand tool market with force.  The best thing about Milwaukee’s new hand tools is they are redesigning the industry.  While most companies take the path of keeping the same hand tools and changing the color or packaging, Milwaukee takes a different approach.  Take the Milwaukee Pliers.  Not only are they just pliers, but you can ream with them, which means one less tool on your belt.

This time Milwaukee came out with the Magnetic Drive Guide Set which is very cool.  Basically it’s a small little hand held tool that stores 10 bits plus one in the magnetic holder.  There is also a wire stripper and a storage space for the magnetic drive.  Plus you can use the end of the tool to insert the hex shank and use it as a screw driver.  Now I wouldn’t use it to fasten 50 screws, but it does have a nice feel and is curved a little for your hands in case you want to use it on a couple of fasteners.  The overall case is 5.25″ wide and 2″ tall.  Perfect to keep in your tool belt.

The embedded wire stripper is for 10-16 AWG solid wire or 12-18 stranded wire.  As a user you can also bend up to 10 AWG wire.  As you can see in the pictures below, you can store up to 10 bits nicely.

This is the perfect tool, not only for an electrician, but someone like myself.  I don’t do a lot of electrical work, but occasionally I do.  I don’t have many EXC bits and when I need them, I can never find them.  Now I can grab them right from my bag and just use this tool.  I picked this up at my local hardware store for $10.50



  • Phillips Bits: 1″ – (2) P2, (1) P3
  • Square Bits: 1″ – (1) SQ2
  • Slotted Bits: 1″ – (1) SL 3/16″, (1) SL1/4″)
  • Torx® Bits: 1″ – (1) T15, (1) T20, (1) T25
  • ECX Bits: 1″ – (1) ECX#1, (1) ECX #2
  • (1) Shockwave 3′ Shockwave Magnetic Drive Guide






  1. Hey, guys–I just looked at, and they sell what looks like a more traditional tool that does virtually the same things, also made by Milwaukee. Check out the Milwaukee 48-22-2113 11-in-1 ECX Multi-Tip Screwdriver/Nutdriver. It has an ergonomic, more comfortable looking handle; I have smaller hands, and the Magnetic Drive Guide Tool looks awkward to me. The price for the Milwaukee 48-22-2113 is more, at $15 and change. However, it looks more durable and its ease of use is a factor for me.

  2. I got this small set a few days ago & I was disappointed. Not the quality that I’m used to from Milwaukee. I was doing small electrical plate installs & the cheap thing broke. But, wait.. I replaced it with another & my second broke as well. To say the least, went back got a store credit. Dan, Eric keep up great reviews, but this one was a bust.

  3. The wire stripper is a gimmick. However the dirve guide is the real deal. I easily drive 50#s or more of 3inchers a year, not to mention nut drivers and 1/4″ hex screws; all through a magnetic bit holder. Been through all the brands, twice. Until this drive guide came out I had given up hope. The holder with sleeve in this kit has outlasted any other brand, and I mean top shelf brands. Three times as much use and counting.


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