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Milwaukee Sawzall 2621

Milwaukee released the Sawzall model 2621 which will replace the 2620.  So what is so special about this new Sawzall and why did they replace it.  First let’s talk stats.  There is a little difference with the weight and length.  The new saw weights about one pound more and a little longer.  You will also notice a difference in Strokes Per Minute.  The old saw had 3,200 spm while the new saw has about 3,000 spm.  So you may be asking your self why are they making a new tool that that is heavier, longer and slower?

Well that’s a great question.  I really don’t have any true idea, but I will speculate that the new saw has a little more torque or power.  While Milwaukee owns the reciprocating saw market, the 2620 did showcase their true performance.  We did hear some people were a little disappointed when they had to cut some heavier items.  The 2620 would tend to stall out a little more, where the new 2621 doesn’t seem to have that problem.  So in the end, have no fear, the 2621 is here to stay and will produce premium power and performance.

Average Cost – $229

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