Milwaukee Rover Light

Milwaukee Rover Light

Milwaukee was the first power tool manufacturer to change the way we look at Job Site lighting.  Before Milwaukee redesigned the category, job site lighting was an afterthought.  It was that tool that came with the combo kit to increase the number of tools and make it look more appealing to the buyer.  Milwaukee saw a need and designed a whole new lighting world for the tradesman.  So if you are looking for a small rechargeable light, the Milwaukee Rover light might be your solution.

Milwaukee Rover Light – Information

Milwaukee Rover Light – Features

The Milwaukee 2114 Rover light is powered by a rechargeable 4V, 2.4Ah battery making it a great light for those small areas and easy to carry around.

  • 550 Lumens – Flood Light
  • Light pivots 210 degrees
  • 3 Output modes (550 High, 250 Medium, low 100 Lumens)
  • Magnetic base
  • Run Time – High 2 hours, medium 4.5 hours, low 11.5 hours
  • Built-in Carabiner
  • Charges via included micro-USB cable
  • 80% charged in an hour
  • IP54 rating
  • Chemical Resistant

Milwaukee Rover Light – First Impressions

Milwaukee Rover Light

The light is surprisingly bright for its size.  I wouldn’t expect the output that it produces.  The Rover is small and lightweight.  I like how you can easily set it up at any angle on a flat surface or use the magnet, carabiner or loop on an uneven surface.

I am not a fan of rechargeable batteries since you will have downtime recharging a dead battery.  However, I love the fact you can swap out batteries and not have any downtime.  I am also a fan that you can get an 80% charge in about an hour.

Milwaukee Rover Light – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a good light.  I love the build quality and love all the different ways you can direct the light. Having the rechargeable battery has its pros and cons.  If you are looking for a bright light that is small and has many viewing options, this is a great light.


  1. Flop, can you hear it. Why did not you make it an M12?
    Try a M12 charger radio Bluetooth for the jobsite
    How about a variable speed impact M12 driver. Competitors are eating that part of your market.

  2. As a fleet maintenance mechanic, I use two of these lights continually. The magnets are strong enough to hold the light in all positions, even on rounded surfaces like drive lines or through a sniff of mud. The run time is very good on the lowest setting although it is very short on the brightest. For illumination, I almost always use the lowest setting and find that it is typically bright enough to illuminate a large area (one on each frame rail will illuminate the underbody sufficiently to work in a dim shop.)
    The size is the real key, I have used m12 and 18v lights and struggle with positioning the lights to provide illuminate what I want without casting shadow.
    Over the years, I have tried many different lights but haven’t liked any as much as these.

  3. M12 and 18v lights is used by me but I’m struggling with the positions of light for proper illumination. I have always preferred to use lowest setting brightening up the large area. But the information you have provided is much in details and could certainly help out others to make a good comparision and opt a better one.


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