Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

Jobsite lighting has come a long way since the days of the cheap incandescent lights.  Lights are now more powerful, stay cooler thanks to LED technology and run longer, again thanks to LED lights.  Different power tool manufacturers try to put a spin on LED lights but no one has done it better than Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has a long line of LED light solutions for the jobsite.  As you guessed it, they now have some new lights so let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review Overview

I am usually not a fan of rechargeable lights because I always forget to recharge them, plus you never know how much time is left before the battery dies.

Well, Milwaukee made a change to the way rechargeable battery flashlights operate.  They created this with a fuel status check and a removable battery, two huge pluses in my book.  I love being able to check the battery status so I know how much more time I can work with the light.  Plus, I love being able to have another battery on the side in case I have to replace it and still keep working.

With normal rechargeable lights, you have to remember to plug them in overnight otherwise they will not work the next day.  You would have to plug in the light to recharge and therefore not be able to use the light for that workday.  With the Milwaukee, you can still plug in the light at night, but if you forget, you can always replace the battery and not be out of the light for a workday.

I love the fact that Milwaukee covers for my laziness or forgetfulness.  Plus, Milwaukee even designed a battery charger.  This means if I have to recharge a light, I can remove the battery, insert a new battery and put the dead battery on the charger and I won’t have any downtime.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

Milwaukee uses a 4V 2.5Ah battery which means while it’s lightweight, you can get some serious run time out of these batteries.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review – Flashlight

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

The Milwaukee Flashlight 2110-21 harnesses 700 lumens which are enough to light up any area you are working in.  The light is waterproof and dustproof making this a perfect light for the job.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

The light has three modes, high, low and strobe.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review - Flashlight 03

To turn the light on/off or change modes, just use the push button located on the back of the light.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

In high, the light puts out 700 lumens and will run for about 4.5 hours.  On low mode, you will get 100 lumens but increase your run time to 16 hours.  For strobe, you will get 700 lumens with a run time of 9 hours.

In regards to charge time, you will get a 50% charge in 30 minutes and about 80% in an hour.  For a full charge, it will take about 2 hours.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review - Flashlight 03

The body is made of a strong aluminum to withstand the jobsite conditions.  Even the handle has a nice texture for added grip even with gloves.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review - Flashlight 03

The flashlight can be charged using the provide braided micro USB cable.  The port is located in the back of the light.  Just twist the back to locate the port.

You can change the beam angle by sliding up on the head of the light.  You can create a wide beam or narrow beam.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review – Flood Light

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review - Flashlight 03

The Milwaukee Rover Pocket Flood Light puts out 445 lumens.  This light features 8 LED lights which really helps spread out the light.  The light is water and dust resistant.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

On the side of the light is where the on/off button is located.  Right below the power button is where the micro USB port is located.  As with the flashlight, you will get about a 50% charge in 30 minutes, 80% in an hour and a full charge in 2 hours.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

There is a built-in pocket clip so you can attach it to your shirt or something else thin so you don’t have to hold onto the light.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

As with the flashlight model, this also comes with a nice braided micro USB cable for recharging purposes.

The light features two modes of operation.  On high you will get 445 lumens while on low you will get 100 lumens with 11 hours of runtime.

There is a built-in magnet so you can also mount the light on a metal surface.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review – Charger

The charger kit is a nice addition to this line of lights.  You can always have a battery charging while still using the lights.  The charger kit (48-59-2003) comes with the USB Charger, 1 Battery, 2′ USB braided Cord and a 2.1A Wall adapter.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

There is a black knob on the back which locks the battery into place.  Just turn the knob to unlock the battery slide-out compartment.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

Once the slide-out compartment is out, you can insert the battery.  You will have to line up the battery when inserted so it will charge correctly.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review

The quality braided micro USB cord plugs into the back of the charger.  You can now use the 2.1A wall plug and start the charge.

You can get a 50% charge in 30 minutes and a full charge in about 2 hours. There is an LED fuel gauge for fast checking.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review – Performance

When it comes to lighting, Milwaukee owns the power tool market.  The lights are all tough and made for the jobsite.  Plus, they offer the Trueview technology which means you get a true clear color.  This way orange looks orange and red looks red.  No second guessing.

All the buttons and the slide system on the flashlight are all top quality.  Nothing on these lights seem cheap.  When they designed these lights, they went above and beyond for quality.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light Review – Value

I know the value is in the eye of the beholder.  For me, they do have a premium price tag associated with these lights.  Now, it’s not a crazy number considering the power and the name behind the lights.  But I do know some people will be pushed away with the price tag.

The USB Rechargeable Flashlight Kit 2110-21 retails for about $70 on The Home Depot.  Now if you compare it to other flashlights like Streamlight, it’s a pretty good price.

The Rover Pocket Flood Light retails for about $60 on The Home Depot.  Again, not a bad price when comparing it to like-minded lights.

The charger kit retails for about $40 which isn’t bad at all since you get a battery and charger system for the lights.

Milwaukee Rechargeable Light – Final Thoughts

Overall these are great lights and anyone looking for a quality light that is powerful should take a look at the Milwaukee rechargeable lights.  No more messing around with replacing AA or AAA batteries, plus you get more power from these lights.

I am happy to see that Milwaukee didn’t just create another rechargeable light, they created a line of rechargeable lights.  I can always have a separate battery on the side in case the light goes out or I forget to charge it the night before.

These lights are a must for anyone looking for a small, lightweight, powerful light.


  1. I’m glad to see a review of these lights, but you didn’t mention the headlamp model (2111-21). One thing I’ve found annoying about the flashlight is that the sliding head tends to rebound when moved to the extreme flood or spot position. This seems to be a result of positive/negative pressure buildup inside the light – the pressure can’t equalize quickly due to the waterproof seals – something that doesn’t happen when the tailcap section is removed. Another, milder, annoyance is that the one/off button sticks out past the tailcap, making it impossible to stand the light on end.

  2. I ditto the above comments. One way to solve the rebound on the front cap from flood to spot is to simply hold it for a second or so in its final position. It works well.

    Lastly, to stand the light up, roll the charge cap back a little passed the power button and stand the flashlight up. That’s what I do and it works decently. Just make sure there is no major dust in the environment you do that in (water proof seal) and you’ll be just fine.

  3. I want the 2110-21 to replace my LED Lenser P5R2. The Milwaukee has a lifetime warranty on the light whereas the LED Lenser has a 5 year warranty that’s over. Battery life is short now so the batteries need replacing. Although it is nice that the battery can be charged through the end cap, there is no way to charge it when it’s out of the flashlight. That’s something that the Milwaukee has a a solution for and thereby has a distinct advantage.


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